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The plugin provides a tight integration of the results of a FindBugs run with the NetBeans infrastructure. The UI is modeled after the refactoring view from NetBeans.

NetBeans Plugin - FindBugs(TM) - Plugin
Plugin owner: sreimers
Added: 2007-04-09
License: Apache License 2.0
Category: Utilities
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The plugin provides a tight integration of the results of a FindBugs (TM) run with the NetBeans infrastructure. The UI is modeled after the refactoring view from NetBeans.

Additionally a toolbar icon is provided for easy access to the functionality. Configuration of the typical FindBugs (TM) options can be done via NetBeans option system. All necessary modules can be downloaded from this site (.zip) or via an updatecenter logic found at

At the moment the updatecenter hosts the plugin and the necessary library wrappers for the FindBugs (TM) library (LGPL), Apache BCEL (APL 1.1) and dom4j (BSD Style License). A NetBeans module for easy installation of the functionality - aka UpdateCenter module - is currently in the works. Source and plugin are released under APL 2.0.

This software is still work in progress, but all the main features should work on a daily usage basis. Remind that checking large libraries may take a huge amount of memory, so be careful and watch out for OOME.

To be able to run FindBugs (TM), you have to build the project beforehand, so that the necessary binaries can be found. The plugin makes use of the available sources, and the classpaths.

The Blog for the plugin is actual hosted here

Thanks to the FindBugs (TM) people for bringing such a nice tool to the OpenSource community.

Have Fun

DISCLAIMER: These modules are experimental. So no guarantees. Use the modules at your own risk.

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User Comments


Please indicate the bug code

It would be useful for me to have the bug codes like "DMI_USELESS_SUBSTRING" and "DLS_DEAD_LOCAL_STORE" in the descriptions of the bugs. (Codes are listed at
Posted by jbfaden on Sep 05, 2018

I cant install it on 8.0.2

I download the zip.
Netbean --> Tool --> plugins --> downloaded --> select all file in unzipped folder.

==> Cant install
Posted by vanduc1102 on Mar 01, 2016

Not worked with JDK 8

While the time of writing... it is not supported with JDK 8.

Plugin is worked with Netbeans 8.
Posted by Manan on Aug 20, 2014

Works with Netbeans 7.1 - from SQE Update Center

FindBugs is part of the SQE (Software Quality Environment) suite that includes FindBugs, PMD, CheckStyle and Dependency Finder. Here's the Update Center Plugin Manger URL:

Here's the SQE web site:
Posted by brianjester on Mar 22, 2012

FindBugs works with 6.1 (Happy Birthday Netbeans)

As one of the above posters mentioned, you need to go to there site (SQE) to get a supported version.

I am using Nebteans 6.1 and it works great.

Excellent set of preferences to really customize your find bugs experience.
Great plugin.
Posted by brimstone4814 on Oct 21, 2008

6.5 compatible version

Actually you have to visit SQE for a compatible version. News can be found here. A standalone version for FindBugs only is actually not planned.
Posted by sreimers on Aug 07, 2008

Any update for NB 6.1 or 6.5?

It's been more than a year since the comment "Stay tuned".

Is an update for the FindBugs plugin planned for the current NB versions?
Posted by tkellerer on Aug 07, 2008

NetBeans 6 compatible version

Work is actually underway to make the plugin compatible with 6.0 new Java Source Model. Further enhancements are planned (see SQE). Stay tuned for a release.
Posted by sreimers on May 19, 2007

NetBeans 6 findbugs?

I can't seem to get this to work with NetBeans 6.

I miss having findbugs integrated into the IDE. :^(

Posted by kellyohair on May 06, 2007