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KalIDEoscope is an editor for XUI 3.2 RIA Framework.

NetBeans Plugin - KalIDEoscope
Plugin owner: luano
Website: http://www.xoetrope.com/xui
Added: 2005-10-10
License: freeware
Category: Graphical User Interface
Downloaded: 842 times
 4.37, by 1 users

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A NetBeans plug-in for creating, editing and testing Rich Internet Applications based on the XUI framework. Within the KalIDEoscope editor the power of NetBeans is harnessed to deliver full-featured rapid application development and some of the best editing and debugging support possible.

XuiPro the add-on for Kalideoscope features drag and drop data binding and automated form generation for Hibernate and JPA POJOs, databases and more.

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