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Provides Fest libraries and template.

NetBeans Plugin - Fest Swing Plugin
Plugin owner: geertjan
Website: http://java.dzone.com/news/festive-functional-tests-swing
Added: 2008-04-19
License: CDDL
Category: Testing
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Install this plugin and the Fest libraries (for Swing GUI functional tests) will be in the Library Manager, with a new file template in the Swing GUI Forms category in the New File wizard.
  1. Create Java SE application.
  2. Right-click "Test Libraries" and choose "Add Library". Select "Fest" in the Library Manager:


    Click OK.

  3. Go to the New File wizard and use the template to create a new Fest test file:


  4. In the editor, you can use code completion on Fest identifiers and then you can also see the related Javadoc, as shown below:


  5. You can also hold down the Ctrl key and then, when the hyperlink appears when you move the mouse over Fest-library identifiers (such as classes), as shown here...


    ...you can click the hyperlink and then the source file opens in the editor:


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User Comments


no longer appears in version 7 of netbeans

I can't see Fest as an option in netbeans 7.3 - is it still available somewhere?

-- okay, duh. thought the download button was a screenshot of something I should be doing in the IDE ...
Posted by tansaku on Mar 11, 2013

newer version is available

Apr 19, 2008????version?1.0a1????????current version???1.0???????…
Posted by yamamoto5 on Feb 14, 2009