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NetBeans Plugin - Web Framework Provider Support Template
Plugin owner: geertjan
Website: http://java.dzone.com/news/wizard-driven-web-framework-plugin-development
Added: 2008-04-09
License: CDDL
Category: NetBeans Rich Client Platform
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Provides web framework template, for generating a starting point when you want to integrate your web framework into NetBeans IDE. Create a new module, right-click it and choose the Web Framework Support template. Choose the library of your choice and make sure to select the checkbox that enables the framework implementation stubs to be created:


Then click Next, fill in some class details, and click Finish. Then install the module and create a new web application. The final panel should show a new item for your framework, without you having needed to do any coding. Complete the wizard and the selected library is added to your classpath. Now begin extending the configuration panel, for example, so that users can specify framework-specific details, such as web.xml and other configuration information.

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very good

It's a very good plugin!
Posted by gml520 on Apr 10, 2008