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Change case of selected text

NetBeans Plugin - NB-ChangeCase
Plugin owner: manikantannaren
Website: https://github.com/manikantannaren/mynetbeans/tree/master/NB-ChangeCase
Added: 2019-05-30
License: Apache 2.0
Category: Editing
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11.0 verification PASSED See verification details


Select a text and use Popup menu | Text menu options or menu bar Source|Text menus to change case to The following three actions are possible
  1. Convert to UPPER case
  2. Convert to lower case
  3. Invert case
Tested with Java SE 11 on Mac OS x and Mint Linux

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User Comments


Could not identify proper menu location

I did not see an existing "Text" menu

I debated between Edit and Source menu in the menu bar and finally decided on the Source menu since all actions related to modifying the source(in editor) are here in the source menu.

Posted by manikantannaren on Jun 03, 2019

Shouldn't the action be part of the text menu instead of your own text menu

From Plugin verifier jkovalsky
jkovalsky: Works fine but I shouldn't the actions be part of the
"text" menu rather than its own "Text" menu?

Posted by manikantannaren on Jun 03, 2019