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Plugin owner: nicksmith508
Added: 2018-12-08
License: MIT
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This project seeks to aggregate various idempotent code clone discovery techniques in order to compensate for the various strengths and weaknesses of different stategies. Currently, CyClone ships with a simple Lucene-based multi-line exact text matcher and a modified version of the SourcererCC strategy for clone discovery. These initial strategies were chosen for their speed, in order to create a responsive search baseline. The tool can be used by openning the clone search Window (from the Window menu), highlighting the desired peice of code, right clicking and initiating a 'find clones' search.

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Doesn't work

Unfortunately it is not working. It adds an empty action to the Window menu and when I click on that, I got an exception of not finding ClonedTopComponent. Can you share the code repo please?


Posted by ChrisLE on Jan 21, 2019