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Automatically generates getter and setter methods for JavaFX Properties in a POJO.

NetBeans Plugin - JavaFX Getter Generator
Plugin owner: Tuupertunut
Added: 2017-10-23
License: MIT
Category: Code Generation
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This is a continuation of rterp's plugin. The original can be found here: JavaFx Property Getter & Setter Generator

This NetBeans plugin will help to generate get/set methods for JavaFX properties that are contained within a POJO.

The standard get/set code generator creates the following get/set methods for a JavaFX property which is not ideal:

private StringProperty name;

public StringProperty getName() { 
    return name;

public void setName(StringProperty name) { = name;

This plugin would create the following methods:

public final String getName() {
    return name.get();

public final void setName(String value) {

public StringProperty nameProperty() {
    return name;

It's also possible to use variables with the suffix Property in their names which will create the following methods:

private StringProperty nameProperty;

public final String getName() {
    return nameProperty.get();

public final void setName(String value) {

public StringProperty nameProperty() {
    return nameProperty;

Read-only properties and read-only wrapper types are also supported:

private ReadOnlyStringProperty identifier;

public final String getIdentifier() {
    return identifier.get();

public ReadOnlyStringProperty identifierProperty() {
    return identifier;
private ReadOnlyStringWrapper identifier;

public final String getIdentifier() {
    return identifier.get();

public ReadOnlyStringProperty identifierProperty() {
    return identifier.getReadOnlyProperty();


Press Alt-Insert to get the "Generate" popup menu, and select "Java FX Getter and Setter..." alt tag

Methods for supported property types will automatically be generated.

Supported Property Types

  • StringProperty
  • BooleanProperty
  • DoubleProperty
  • FloatProperty
  • IntegerProperty
  • LongProperty
  • ListProperty
  • MapProperty
  • ObjectProperty
  • SetProperty

Supported Read-only Property Types

  • ReadOnlyStringProperty
  • ReadOnlyBooleanProperty
  • ReadOnlyDoubleProperty
  • ReadOnlyFloatProperty
  • ReadOnlyIntegerProperty
  • ReadOnlyLongProperty
  • ReadOnlyListProperty
  • ReadOnlyMapProperty
  • ReadOnlyObjectProperty
  • ReadOnlySetProperty

Supported Read-only Wrapper Types

  • ReadOnlyStringWrapper
  • ReadOnlyBooleanWrapper
  • ReadOnlyDoubleWrapper
  • ReadOnlyFloatWrapper
  • ReadOnlyIntegerWrapper
  • ReadOnlyLongWrapper
  • ReadOnlyListWrapper
  • ReadOnlyMapWrapper
  • ReadOnlyObjectWrapper
  • ReadOnlySetWrapper

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