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Added: 2017-09-19
License: Apache v2
Category: NetBeans Rich Client Platform
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This module provides an alternative implementation of a which then replaces NB's own ditto. The new Authenticator is much more verbose than NB's own and plays much nicer with a NB Platform application (or the IDE for for that matter) as it uses the NB Notification mechanism (balloon text in lower right corner) to alert the user that some action is needed. It also contains a workaround for JDK-8068184 that can cause NetBeans to freeze on startup or any time after that.

  • You must have Proxy Selector V2 Plugin installed. Otherwise the Network Authenticator plugin will have no effect and you'll effectively still be using the NB's standard Authenticator.
  • You must be using English language locale. You can check if this is the case in the NB About Window. Java will pick this up from the language of your OS, however you can override this by adding --locale en  to the netbeans_default_options variable in your netbeans.conf file.
The prerequisites will go away once Pull Request #2 has been integrated into Apache NetBeans.

More info and bug tracker:
There's a lot more information available on the project's home. This is also where you can log bug tickets or ask questions.

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