RTF copy/paste - plugin detail

Netbeans plugin to copy/paste editor content with formatting to RTF format. This allows to to copy code with highlighted syntax to presentations.

NetBeans Plugin - RTF copy/paste
Plugin owner: misias
Website: https://bitbucket.org/mimowo/rtfcopypaste
Added: 2017-08-06
License: Apache 2.0
Category: Editing
Downloaded: 6,310 times
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  1. Select code,
  2. Click right mouse button and select "Copy as RTF format" to copy, selected content to system clipboard,
  3. Paste clipboard content to some RTF editor like OpenOffice or MSWord (special paste).
Additional options:
  1. Go to Tools - Options
  2. Select Copy/Paste tab to customize plugin options.
Development This project is developed as open source, here: https://bitbucket.org/mimowo/rtfcopypaste. You are welcome to contribute. Special thanks for contributing:
  • akks - support for utf8

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Netbeans 10

Some plugins require plugin Editor Library 2 to be installed.
The plugin Editor Library 2 is requested in implementation version 44. The following plugin is affected:       RTF copy/paste
Some plugins require plugin org.netbeans.modules.editor.settings.storage to be installed.
The plugin org.netbeans.modules.editor.settings.storage is requested in implementation version 201510222201. The following plugin is affected:       RTF copy/paste
Posted by Ageinfo on Feb 21, 2019

Thank you!

Thank you Michal!

I can't paste the buffer directly into OneNote but I can paste it first in Word and from there into OneNote.
Posted by tehnicaorg on Nov 28, 2017