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A Netbeans IDE palette plugin for the Twitter Bootstrap Framework

NetBeans Plugin - palette4bootstrap
Plugin owner: tauquirahmed93
Added: 2017-08-04
License: MIT
Category: Web Applications
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What's new in this version

v1.2.0 - (2017/08/28)


  • Bootstrap Containers
    • Container
    • Panel

Now the following components are available:

  • Bootstrap UI
    • Blank Page
  • Bootstrap Grid
    • Row
    • Column
    • Clearfix
  • Bootstrap Typography
    • Heading
    • Paragraph
    • Alert
    • Blockquote
    • More
  • Bootstrap Media
    • Image
    • Glyphicons
    • Font Awesome Icons
    • Ionicons
    • Carousel
    • Google Maps
  • Bootstrap Containers
    • Container
    • Panel

-And many more to come soon.

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification


This is a module for the NetBeans IDE. It adds Bootstrap components to the default HTML palette. Access it from the menu bar -> Window -> IDE Tools -> Palette or by using shortcut Ctrl+Shift+8 after opening any HTML based file inside the Editor Window. After that, you can drag and drop the items into your HTML files. An option panel is then shown for the supported components where various attributes can be configured and live preview can be seen for the components.

How to start using it

  1. Open any blank html page
  2. Open the Palette window using shortcut Ctrl+Shift+8 or from Menu bar -> Window -> IDE Tools -> Palette
  3. Drag the Blank Page component under Bootstrap UI palette
  4. The Insert Blank Page options panel will be shown
  5. In the Page Title field, enter a title for your HTML page which should be inserted into the title tag
  6. In the Bootstrap CSS field, whatever you enter will be inserted into a link tag as the value for the href attribute. So you can enter either a http url, an absolute or a relative url to the bootstrap.css or bootstrap.min.css file. By default, the MaxCDN link to bootstrap.min.css is provided. You can also use the browse button to browse to the main Bootstrap CSS file from your hard disk. Leave it blank if you don't want to include the element or want to manually enter it into your HTML file later
  7. The Jquery JS field works similar to the above and is for the jquery.js/jquery.min.js file. By default, a link to the Google CDN is provided. Leave blank if you don't need it.
  8. Fill other field as desired or leave default values and click OK
  9. The blank HTML file will be filled with the default Bootstrap blank file
  10. Now add other elements like rows/columns etc as desired

Note This plugin is intended for increasing the speed and productivity of developing HTML files using Bootstrap Framework. If you are not already familiar with HTML, CSS or Bootstrap, this plugin wouldn't be of much help.

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Nothing New added to Palette on Netbeans 8.2

I downloaded nbm file and installed using Downloaded->AddPlugins.
I then restarted and nothing appears in Palette.
What am I missing?
Posted by geodepe on Jul 16, 2018