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Hints for the Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) logging library

Plugin owner: dtrebbien
Added: 2017-07-21
License: Commercial
Category: Editing
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What's new in this version

Version 1.2.2:
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in an erroneous error shown on certain logger calls involving Object-subtype arrays (e.g. String[]).
  • Improved support for SLF4J 1.6.0 through 1.6.6.
  • Added a hint that identifies certain logger calls not fully analyzed by the plugin.

    If you are interested in using this hint, it is recommended to change the "Show As:" level from the default "Warning on Current Line" to "Warning" or "Error"; open NetBeans' Preferences dialog. Under "Editor" select "Hints". From the tree of available editor hints, expand the "SLF4J" node. Select "Logger call not fully analyzed". Change "Show As:" to "Warning" or "Error". Click "OK" on the Preferences dialog.

  • Added support for SLF4J versions before 1.6.0.

This version is set to expire on October 19, 2017, at 12:01 a.m. UTC.

Version 1.2.1:

Fixed an infinite loop that could occur while analyzing certain object array-typed expressions.

This version is set to expire on October 19, 2017, at 12:01 a.m. UTC.

If you find a bug or have any feedback, please send me an email:

Verifications for NetBeans versions

8.2 verification PENDING See verification details


SLF4J Helper is a plugin for NetBeans IDE that helps you to identify and correct usage errors and inefficiencies in Java code using the Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) logging library. It's like having an ever-vigilant code reviewer who points out inefficiencies and cases where important information might not be logged as intended!

Seven different categories of usage errors and inefficiencies are detected by the plugin:

  • Dead logger call
  • Inconsistent numbers of arguments: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
  • Mismatched checks for logging at certain levels being enabled: [1]
  • String concatenation in a logger call: [1] [2] [3]
  • Log message strings containing SLF4J formatting anchors: [1] [2]
  • Availability of simpler logger overloads: [1]
  • Unnecessary calls to toString(): [1] [2]

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