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Netbeans support for JAM programming language

NetBeans Plugin - Jam (Java Maths) language support
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Added: 2008-04-06
License: GPL
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Netbeans support for JAM programming language.
JAM is a Java based programming language which allows to use arithmetic operations with Complex and CMatrix classes.
Before you start add the javamath library to the classpath, this library is available within the plugin.


import org.vpc.math.plot.Plot;
import org.vpc.math.plot.PlotType;
public class Test {
public static void main(String[] args) {
//Complex sample
Complex c=î;//new Complex(0,1);
Complex c1=2E-î;
Complex c2=2c;//new Complex(2,0);
Complex c3=c2*c1;
Complex c4=c2+c1;
Complex c5=c2-c1;
Complex c6=c2/c1; System.out.println("c3="+c3);
//Matrix sample
int x=2;
Complex c= 2E-3î;
CMatrix m1={{1.2,2c},{x ,î}};//CMatrix means complex matrix
CMatrix m2={{c,4.5},{c,î}} ;
CMatrix m3=m1+m2;
System.out.println(m1.inv());//inversed matrix
//Plot.plotMatrix("La matrice M2", m3,PlotType.MESH).showFrame();//Graphical representation
//Plot.plotMatrix("La matrice M3", m2,PlotType.MESH).showFrame();

To run the Jam file, click right on the file and run, you can also build the project.
More documentation about the project will be available soon.

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