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NetBeans plugin for Scala language

Plugin owner: dcaoyuan
Website: https://github.com/dcaoyuan/nbscala
Added: 2016-06-07
License: CDDL
Category: Programming Languages
Downloaded: 22,218 times
 4.49, by 1 users

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Download plugin   Download size: 29.56 MB   Last Update: 2016-06-07

This plugin is also available on the NetBeans Plugin Portal Update Center. Use 'Tools > Plugins' action from the NetBeans IDE main menu for convenient installation of this plugin

What's new in this version

  • Fixed implementation dependencies for debugger project after updated.

Verifications for NetBeans versions

8.1 verification PASSED See verification details


NetBeans plugin for Scala language

  • Full featured Scala editor
  • Syntax and semantic coloring
  • Outline navigator
  • Code folding
  • Mark occurrences
  • Go to declaration
  • Instant rename
  • Indentation
  • Formatting
  • Pair matching
  • Error annotations
  • Code completion
  • Project management (build/run/debug project)
  • Debugger
  • Interactive console
  • Maven integration
  • SBT integration

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User Comments


try fork: github.com/akochnev/nbscala

When I tried to install this plugin manually with Netbeans v8.2 I got two errors on missing "External Execution Base API" dependency for:

* Scala Console
* Scala SBT Project

External Execution Base API is requested in implementation version 201510222201.


Use this:
Posted by aplatypus on Nov 02, 2017

scala plugin for netbeas 8.2

why icant install plugin in nb 8.2?
Posted by ijulvienoz on Aug 30, 2017

Scala plugin for Netbeans 8.2

It will be nice if you can support NB 8.2.. we will appreciate
Posted by sbheo on Apr 03, 2017

Update please to operate with NB 8.2

Yes, support for NB 8.2 would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by glippert on Jan 29, 2017

Scala plugin for Netbeans 8.2

The plugin can obviously not be used with netbeans 8.2. Do you plan to provide an update for 8.2?

Thank you very much!
Posted by McNetic on Jan 26, 2017