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Resize image action. New action on images for resizing them.

NetBeans Plugin - Resize Image Action
Plugin owner: geertjan
Added: 2008-03-26
License: CDDL
Category: Editing
Downloaded: 2,933 times
 4.21, by 1 users

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What's new in this version

1.1: The new image opens when you click OK. 1.2: Antialiasing switched on. 1.3: Changed so that Layout Generation is "Swing Layout Extension Library". (Please ignore the new "Iconize" submenu, which I am working on.)

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Adds resize action to image nodes in the explorer views. Choose the Resize action and a new dialog pops up. Resize the image using your mouse. Click OK and a new image is created, named after the original, together with the new dimensions. The original is untouched.






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User Comments


Where can I get the source code

Where can I get the source code?I would like to look at?Thank you?
Posted by jimlaren on May 16, 2008

1.3 version of plugin (current latest) should fix this.

I changed the generation of the GUI form, so now this issue should, theoretically, be fixed and it should work on the Mac too.
Posted by geertjan on Mar 27, 2008


Great plugin idea! Note that this version only works with JDK6 -- This is only relevant for Mac users. I hope Geertjan can compile a second version for JDK 1.5 until Apple condescends to release last year's JDK. *sigh*
Posted by rkusterer on Mar 26, 2008