C/C++ Syntax Error Highlighting for NB 6.1 - plugin detail

Provides syntax error highlighting for C/C++ files in editor.

NetBeans Plugin - C/C++ Syntax Error Highlighting for NB 6.1
Plugin owner: vkvashin
Website: http://www.netbeans.org/
Added: 2008-03-17
License: CDDL-GPLv2-no-CP
Category: Programming Languages
Downloaded: 4,843 times
 4.32, by 2 users

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Fixed an NPE

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Provides syntax error highlighting for C/C++ files in editor. Gets information about errors from the current tool chain compiler.

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User Comments


C++11 standard

The functionality of this plugin is included into NetBeans a while ago.
And NetBeans 7.3 has C++11 support.
So give it a try :)
Posted by vkvashin on Jan 22, 2013

Hello people, any ideas when next update available?

The new C++ standard "C++11" now have introduced a lot of new keywords to the language, please can someone do an update?
Posted by m44zu on Jan 21, 2013

Please assist

Hi guys i'm new on the side my name it's tshepo i'm currently studying C++ Java programming and i have nerve done it before i don't know any thing as i thought i need something chalanging, I have some questions if anyone is willing to assist me my e-mail address it's TshepoT@tebabank.com

Posted by Msereza on Mar 30, 2008

Re: Multiline errors

Thank you for finding this bug!
I filed an issue (against 3-rd party, not cnd, since syntax error highlighting isn't included into official CND):
Posted by vkvashin on Mar 21, 2008

Multiline errors

When error have more then one row - plugin show only last row :(
Posted by avp on Mar 20, 2008

Re: permit building project with errors?

If we lived in an ideal world, and syntax error highlighting was true 100% accurate - in this case this would make sense :-) But imagine the situation when syntax error highlighting reports false error. Sure, it's bad. But in the case this prevents compilation, it isn't just bad - it makes working with such IDE just impossible!..
Posted by vkvashin on Mar 19, 2008

Permit building project with errors?

Thank you, a long ago wanted such possibility.
Maybe, can add prohibition (or show dialog with confirmation) on compiling with presence of error in code?
Posted by avp on Mar 18, 2008