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A Lucene based Full Text Search plugin for Netbeans.

NetBeans Plugin - FullTextSearch4NB
Plugin owner: donaldm
Website: https://fulltextsearch4nb.dev.java.net/
Added: 2008-03-14
License: Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL)
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A Lucene based Full Text Search plugin for Netbeans.

  • Indexing of Netbeans project source directories.
  • Indexing of library source and javadocs where source and/or javadocs are specified in the library. The source and javadocs may exist in a disk directory or a zip or jar file.
  • Indexing per project of one or more user defined directories or zip/jar files.
  • Search project indices using a simple (wildcarded ) search or an advanced search using the Lucene Query Parser query language syntax that supports features such as wildcard searches, fuzzy searches, proximity searches, range searches and term boosting.
  • Monitor source directory for changes and auto reindex when a file is saved.

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