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Support for PHP Yii Framework Great plugin! I'm just starting to work on Yyy2. The plugin will help, I believe!

Plugin owner: Lexx45
Added: 2016-02-05
License: MIT
Category: Building
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A handy code! While it is difficult to say much. I just started! Thank you.

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Provides support for Yii Framework. Features are followings:
  • Go To Action / Go To View
  • Code completion on the view file ($this means controller)
  • Code completion for the path
  • New Yii Project wizard
  • PHPUnit Test Init action
  • Init Action : add file for code completion
  • Hyperlink navigation to view file

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What is the difference?

What is the difference between this plugin the other older plugin:
Posted by saidbakr on Mar 19, 2016