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Plugin supporting both Groovy and Grails, including Groovy and GSP editor, Grails project type etc...

NetBeans Plugin - Groovy and Grails
Plugin owner: martin_adamek
Added: 2008-03-06
License: CDDL/GPL2
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User Comments


Regarding the Groovy project

I also have same concern like other.. its good to have a Groovy Project.
Also like to see same project supports Griffon plugin.
Posted by rrhegde on Oct 17, 2011

Re: Problem installing

I just installed the Grails plugin without a hassle. Please take a look at the Grails website for instructions.
Posted by tveeger on Aug 17, 2009

Problem in installation

I have installed 6.5 RC2 of netbeans . as the documentation on the WIKI told i was able to find the plugin. It only installed Grails application. It did not install "Groovy application" and "Groovy class library". Let me know is there any other step to do that.
FYI, when i searched for the plug in i only got one plug in to install "Groovy and Grails"

Let me know if i did anything wrong.
Posted by manishi on Nov 14, 2008

Maqjor inadequacy in this Plugin

This plugin supports the creation of views, controllers, and domain classes in Grails. Unfortunately, it does *not* support static scaffolding (the use of commands like "generate-views", "generate-controller" or "generate-all"). In order to use these commands you actually have to exit the IDE and run grails from the command line -- something you should not have to do.

I strongly suggest that someone put this functionality into the plugin, because static scaffolding is a pretty important set of capabilities.
Posted by factor3 on Jul 25, 2008

Problems with NetBeans IDE Dev (Build 200807170007) and Groovy Modul


i experienced the following behaviour when activating the Groovy Plugin in Problems
with NetBeans IDE Dev (Build 200807170007) :

Required modules for plugin Groovy and Grails to complete activation: module = 4

Any idea what is wrong with my installation ?

Posted by msc_one on Jul 22, 2008

Can only see new Grails project

Martin, I installed the lastest netbeans development version and the groovy/grails pluggin. When I try to create a new groovy project I only see the Grails project option. Is there some other setup that I forgot?

Posted by pwinson on Jun 17, 2008

Re: Server shutdown (again)

I right click on the server and select "Stop"
It removes the entry from the Services window, but it seems that the server is not stopping :-(
Posted by drakator on May 29, 2008

Re: Server shutdown (again)

You should be able to stop it from Services window. There is list of running Grails servers.
Posted by martin_adamek on May 27, 2008

Server shutdown (again)

Hello, the plug-in seems promising to me.
I have tested also InteliJ, and eclipse, but I like netbeans Groovy/Grails more.
The bigger problem I have at the moment is that I can't shut down the Grails server from netbeans and I nead to restart my computer when I want to load the new changes.
How is is possible to shut down the Grails server?
Posted by drakator on May 26, 2008

Re: Disapointment and some frustration

What was incoherent? It was never told plugin will be part of 6.1. There are different update centers for different versions of IDE. If plugin depends on some post-6.1 APIs, one cannot expect smooth integration into 6.1, right? Progress is always tracked in blogs and wikis. I understand that it would be nice to have it in 6.1, but it was not possible. It started as evening project during 6.1 development and is getting some reasonable resources for 6.5. Would it be better to hide it's development and present only some 90% beta in september or what?
Posted by martin_adamek on May 03, 2008

Disapointment and some frustration

I installed NB 6.1 final this morning. Worked great. Then I installed the Groovy plugin and NB does not start anymore (issue 134456). After many months of being told that the plugin is making progress, I learned this morning reading the previous posts that it will only be released in 6.5 which brings us to next October. I am sure that this project is not a simple or trivial and that technical challenges are numerous and complex: most if not all of us are developers and understand this quite well. The frustration come from the incoherence in the information we get about the progress and our expectations are not very well managed. And in my case, I am sorry to say that it is not exactly progress I do experience. Since I am using Groovy in a very important project, I simply cannot take a chance on this plugin anymore. I hoped I would have never have to say this but it's time to seriously consider IntelliJ.
Posted by ledj56 on May 03, 2008

Re: Disapointment and some frustration

Martin, you are right, there was no place that says that the plugin was going to be released in 6.1. It is the fact that it required post 6.0 API that leaded me into assuming it was going to be part of 6.1. Your post now says that "If plugin depends on some post-6.1 APIs, one cannot expect smooth integration into 6.1, right?" Right... this is a very reasonable statement that explains the 6.5 target. Your post stating that "Groovy plugin will be part of NB 6.5" is the first real commitment I see about when the plugin is expected to be released for production. I misinterpreted all other information in a way that lead me to believe that it was in a better state of completion. I figure that I am not the only person out there that is anxious to smoothly integrate Groovy into my Java code. Unfortunately, it does not change the fact that October time frame is way too far away for our needs. Nervertheless, I am happy that this project is finally provisioned with reasonable resources.
Posted by ledj56 on May 03, 2008

NB 6.1 is final - Groovy Support is not?

I was really looking forward to see NB 6.1 going final, particulary for the Groovy support I expected to become final as well.
So, I have to admit that I am really disappointed. It's interesting to see an obviously brilliant Ruby support in the NB IDE and
instead of adding (IMHO THE) JVM scripting language Tor is working on JavaScript, instead.

No offence. I have to thank Martin, Geertjan and everyone who is working on Groovy support. But I'm afraid that it's time to buy an IntelliJ licence for decent IDE support for Groovy, which I'd like to avoid, because I'd like to use NetBeans for Java and Groovy development. The Eclipse plugin doesn't work (for me), neither. Groovy support seems to be really hard to implement.

Posted by marcuso on Apr 29, 2008

No Groovy support :-(

I'm also disappointed that there is no Groovy and Grails support in 6.1.
I was hoping for it as the development builds of 6.1 contained it...

This means no NetBeans for me in the short term and consider IntelliJ.

Anyway, keep up the good work with plugin.

Posted by marceloverdijk on Apr 29, 2008

Groovy plugin will be part of NB 6.5

Groovy plugin wasn't planned for 6.1. It is available only in development build and will be part of 6.5. Things are improving every day in trunk...
Posted by martin_adamek on Apr 29, 2008

Contributing source code

I certainly would like to contribute to such a project. However, my time is quite limited and my knowledge of the Netbeans Platform is strictly theoric. I have read the Netbeans RCP book and did few tutorials in order to learn the possibilities as I intend to incorporate it in our own project but this is still to come. On the other hand, I use Groovy and Netbeans daily, currently to prototype many DSL's for our application. If there are simple things I can do, even writing documentation, I would be happy to contribute 2-3 hours per week. Just contact me directly to let me know how I can help.
Posted by ledj56 on Apr 19, 2008

Contributing source code

Ok, now my comment was mis-interpreted :-) By asking people to submit bugs and enhancements, I don't mean we don't want another source code contributors! We've asked several times in blogs, wiki and articles developers to join. There are so many things to do. Are you interested? You can start right now, I can provide you all needed information...
Posted by martin_adamek on Apr 19, 2008

Not very impressed so far...(suite)

I think my previous comment was mis-interpreted. Being a developper of large system myself, I know very well that Roma was not built in one day. elapsed time was not the point of my comment. I understand these things take time but as a user who logs issues regularly using recent nightly builds, it is getting a little frustrating to continuously encounter the same bugs all the time without having any progress status.

I am happy to learn that work towards better Groovy-Java integration is under way as I think, this is the major parts missing. I also can easily imagine few headaches caused by the dynamic nature of Groovy being dealt with at coding time. Not easy. I simply whish for more regular updates like Martin's status post or better, more frequent incremental releases when possible.

As for help in coding, Martin has summarize clearly the role that outsiders are to play by saying "...just create new enhancement or bug in issuezilla ...we will take care about it". This is certainly not a warm welcome for external active code participation. That's ok, not all "Open-Source" projects have the same culture. I can live with that and I will keep participating by logging bugs and using the most recent NB versions hoping for the next plugin release to come soon.
Posted by ledj56 on Apr 18, 2008

Roma was not built in one day.

It's great plug in, even though some error exist in it, but all of us understand Roma was not build in one day.

One thing I do not understand is why code completion must be invoked by ctr+space, this conflict with my input method invocation shortcut. I tried to customize this to another shortcut, but netbeans doesn't allow me to do that. why code completion can not be invoked by ".", just like Java editor? A little frustrated by this.
Posted by baijianhua on Apr 16, 2008


Guys, don't worry, work is in progress, but there are so many things to do, that we have to prioritize somehow. Things are improving every day. If you have any suggestions or problems, just create new enhancement or bug in issuezilla for groovy component. We will take care about it. We need your feedback, so go ahead, don't cry here and file a bug! Currenlty we are working on integration with Java, import fixes, navigation etc...
Posted by martin_adamek on Apr 16, 2008

How can we know the progress of this project.

Sorry to find that Martin do not response the comments here very often, maybe the guy is too busy with his work, but I think it will be great if we can know more about the plan, the progress of this project...
Posted by baijianhua on Apr 16, 2008


I'm quite surprised by these comments :
1. Ok there can be a lot more fonctionnalities, but so far I think it is the most complete we have (for OpenSource project)
2. It is easy to use the plugin in stable versions of Netbeans : just add the dev repository in the plugin manager
3. People who thinks developpement is going to slow can just help coding themself, that's the basis of OpenSource (I think...)
In conclusion : thanks Martin for the work already done and keep going on, we are very impatient to have a fully functionnal plugin
Posted by cheulin on Apr 16, 2008

Not very impressed so far

After few months of switching from 6.0.1 to the 6.1 nightly builds because this is where the Groovy & Grails plugins is exclusively available, I am very very disapointed not to see that plugin available in 6.1 RC1. Moreover, we do not see any incremental improvements to the plugin nor any regular comments about it's progression as very little information is available. Finally, the latest available version was quite unstable and not very impressive as the integration of the Groovy code with the Java code somewhat deficient (no automatic import, no class visibility from Java code, etc). It seems like the project is on a back burner with a very low priority.
Posted by ledj56 on Apr 14, 2008

Still very wobbly...

I downloaded the newest NB dev version and then the Groovy plugin - all OK. But when I tried to create a new Groovy project, I was only offered the option to create a new, empty Grails project. As I simply wanted to 'import' an existing NB 6.0 Groovy project that was not good. OK, I tried to create a new, empty Grails project, but that failed with an error message then my JAVA_HOME was 'incorrect' (or something similar). As my JAVA_HOME was completely OK, I deleted everything. No point in flogging a dead horse...

Keep on trucking you guys...
Posted by johnmuir on Mar 15, 2008

Please provide .nbm file


I have a stupid proxy issue connecting to deadlock from a Mac 10.4 through an underpowered DSL connection in India.

Not that I mean to bother you with my issue but it could help a lot, if you could provide the plugin for download or just let the name of the .nbm be known so that it can be downloaded from Hudson.

Thanks a lot.
Posted by ramesh_l on Mar 14, 2008

Latest Dev build

Groovy and Grails plugin is available in most recent build, but it does not install. I get the following meaasge:

Activation failed: Not all requested modules can be enabled: [StandardModule:org.netbeans.modules.groovy.kit jarFile: C:\Documents and Settings\ejness\.netbeans\dev\modules\org-netbeans-modules-groovy-kit.jar]

Required modules for plugin Groovy and Grails to complete activation: module org.netbeans.api.gsf/1 > 0.42
Posted by ness on Mar 13, 2008

Where is the plugin

I last checked your plugin out on a development build about a month ago, and I didn't find it functional and stable enough for practical use compared to the Eclipse plugin (and I really only use Eclipse as an editor and project organizer). I did think the overall direction you were headed in was better than the Eclipse plugin, so I keep checking back to see if it has improved.

When I noticed Netbeans 6.1 went beta, I went and got it immediately, but I can't find your plugin anywhere, either in the development update center ( or anywhere on the Netbeans website. I want to see if there has been any improvement, and if so, start using it immediately.

Where is the plugin? Isn't there a binary build available? If not, I'll just keep waiting... :-(

As a quick aside, really all I am looking for is whether you can just get things you started with working stably and reliabl. If I am able to customize the editor basics to the same degree as the Java editor (changing colors and annotations, tabs or spaces, etc.), execution of grails scripts in the IDE (especially execution), and linking stack traces back to the project source I'll be extremely happy.

Big bonus feature I would love if possible: add folding to stack traces in the console output. Then when one of those huge stack traces appears, most of it would be folded up under each line that directly refers to source in the project. This was something I always sort of wished for when coding Swing, too, but those stack traces are not nearly as bad.

Thanks for the work you and your team are putting in.
Posted by hippy on Mar 11, 2008

Server shutdown

Excellent job on the Groovy/Grails plugin! Keep the updates coming. I did have a problem shutting the server down. If you right click the project name, then click Grails, then Stop Application it does not do anything. Is there another way - that I am overlooking - to stop the application.
Posted by ness on Mar 06, 2008