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This plugin makes it possible to create Go projects which can be build and run from within Netbeans

Plugin owner: coolcat007
Website: http://coolcat007.nl/
Added: 2015-12-29
License: MIT
Category: Programming Languages
Downloaded: 5,131 times
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This plugin makes it possible to create Go projects which can be build and run from within Netbeans

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User Comments


Does not find the required version of go

When I try to run go run main.go, the console threw out the error that go is not installed, although it is exactly set to usr / local, how to set up the editor to see exactly that version of go.
Posted by palzuncoff on Jul 09, 2017

Re: invalid project location

What repo name and author name did you set when creating the project? Did you set the GOPATH invironment variable correctly? Also the plugin has not been tested for linux yet. It is but a first version of the plugin. I will add an updated version soon which includes testing and asynchronous building and running
Posted by coolcat007 on Jan 08, 2016

Invalid project location

When trying to create a new Go project the wizard suggests to locate it into /home/cesilko/null/src folder. Obviously "null" is wrong here.
Posted by jkovalsky on Jan 08, 2016

Tested with Netbeans 8.0.2

@jkovalsky It may be true that this plugin has dependencies designed for a version other than 8.0, but this plugin was tested with Netbeans 8.0.2. Therefore, for any other version of Netbeans I cannot guarantee that the plugin functions properly. Hence the 8.0 tag.
Posted by coolcat007 on Jan 02, 2016

Works with NetBeans 8.1 not 8.0

This plugin is tagged to work with NetBeans 8.0 but in fact it is not true due to dependencies. The right version it works with is NetBeans 8.1. Please fix this. Thanks!
Posted by jkovalsky on Jan 02, 2016
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