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Lets you navigate to nearest code blocks, moving cursor behind first empty newline

Plugin owner: FidLi
Added: 2015-09-15
License: Free to use/remix, see attached licence
Category: Editing
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You can use this plugin to jump downward/upward in current opened file
or to jump to the beggining of (whitespace-free)sentence or end of one.
Upward and downward jump moves cursor behind first empty newline. Allowing you to navigate quicker than by going up/down just one lane.

As usual, you can redefine shortcuts for these 4 actions.
Navigate > Upward jump to another code chunk CTRL+UP
Navigate > Downward jump to another code chunk CTRL+DOWN
Navigate > Jump to beggining of segment ALT+LEFT
Navigate > Jump to end of segment ALT+RIGHT
Jump to beginning/end of segment is like native jumping to the beggining of word, except for this jumps over all the words until whitespace is met.

Please, feel free to request features or report bugs or ask for help

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