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Generates the Project details and Requirement gathering documents for the project and can be easily linked to the Code documentation of the Netbeans.

Plugin owner: nnrramprasad
Added: 2008-02-13
License: CDDL
Category: Utilities
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Using this tool we can easily generate the Douments for the Project Details and Requirements of the Project and which can be easily linked with the Code documentation generated by the NetBeans to form a complete Project Report.
This plugin consists of two modules
       1.Project Details Tool
       2.Requirement Gathering Tool

1.Project Details Tool:
Project details like Project Name,version ,Duration and Description are taken by the tool to generate the Project Details document in the HTML format.
2.Requirement Gathering Tool:
Requirements are collected in the format of Functional,Non Functional and Other requirements.This generates a Requirement Gathering document in HTML format at specified distination

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