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Lets you mark the start and end of the selection and then lets you create the selection. (Not rectangular). Also you can jump to the marker.

Plugin owner: FidLi
Added: 2015-07-28
License: Free to use/remix, see attached licence
Category: Editing
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This plugin is just 5 redefinable shortcuts found under

Edit > Create selection from markers - selects text between markers, or does nothing (both have to be set, order does not matter)
Edit > Set beginning marker - sets invisible beginning of the selection in current file
Edit > Set ending marker - sets invisible ending of the selection in current file
Navigate > Go to beginning marker - moves the insertion point to the beggining mark in current file, if mark exists
Navigate > Go to ending marker - moves the insertion point to the ending mark in current file, if mark exists

This plugin remembers markers for each individual opened file during its open session. Markers are forgotten upon file closing.

Note that this is not rectangular selection, but linear.

Feel free to request any future features or ask for help.

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