Split screen (TabGroupSwitch) - plugin detail

Lets you switch between opened tab groups (editor windows/''split-screen"') and move opened files between groups

Plugin owner: FidLi
Website: fidli.eu
Added: 2015-07-24
License: Free to use/remix, see attached licence
Category: Editing
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What's new in this version

Added new shortcut to move active opened file to next tab group

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This allows you to use split screen conveniently.

This plugin is just two changeable shortcuts.

One cycles through all opened document tab groups, switching active file, therefore the cursor (caret, insertion point).
Second moves the active opened file into the next tab group, allowing you to move opened files without touching the mouse...

You can change these shortcuts in Options > Keymap.
Actions can also be found under Navigate > Go to next tab group
and Window > Dock current file into next tab group

Note for developers: The action redocking the file creates clone of the TopComponent, meaning its different instance!

Please, feel free to request future features or ask any questions.

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User Comments


Big thx

Thx man :)
Posted by ChrisLE on Jan 08, 2016

Git repo

Sure, I havent used it initally, but today, I have created a repo for you to browse :)
Posted by FidLi on Jan 08, 2016


Hey, can you provide your source repo please?


Posted by ChrisLE on Jan 08, 2016

My fault

everything is fine :). The problem was I have to shortcuts. One for move tab to maybe an other tab group and one for create a tab group. What I did is to only the move thing and with this you can create a tab group too and they will show you a little border where you want to move the tab. The create a new tab group shortcut works as expected. Thx for your feedback and you nice tool.
Posted by ChrisLE on Aug 05, 2015


What version of IDE are you using? I am using 8.0.2 and upon using this shortcut, it does not ask me where to dock the document, but rather just splits screen vertically...
Also, I am trying to get macro keywords to work, so you could eventually solve this problem, by using macros... Please stay patient.

ISSUE: https://netbeans.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=254078
Posted by FidLi on Aug 02, 2015

I know this shortcut

and I use it, but it shows me on which direction I will create it. For me the default is on the right as the splitted thing but I have to type my shortcut AND the right arrow to say, please create the tab group there. I would like to have a shortcut (As yours) and it should split it (maybe with an option inside the opton panel) to the default direction, for me it's on the right. Hope it's clear what I mean.
Posted by ChrisLE on Jul 29, 2015

Creating new tab group

There is native shortcut for that, and its called "New document tab group" ... You can change it in options to whatever key you want.
Posted by FidLi on Jul 27, 2015

Very nice

I have one feature request. It should create a new tab group, if there is no tab group to append the window. What do you think?
Posted by ChrisLE on Jul 27, 2015