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IonicExtension provides the auto completion feature for developing Hybrid apps using Ionic Framework on NetBean IDE

NetBeans Plugin - IonicExtension
Plugin owner: sampatkhatri
Added: 2015-07-10
License: GPLv2
Category: Utilities
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IonicExtension provides the auto completion feature for developing Hybrid apps using Ionic Framework on NetBean IDE. By pressing the crl+space available tag options for ionic appears in auto-completion window with documents in documentation window.

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User Comments


how to run Ionic app in a browser ?

I need to run Ionic app (the same as ionic serve from command line)
to run app and Ionic proxy (so my app can access services on other ports)
Posted by lukaszt on Oct 27, 2015

Steps to open an Ionic project in Netbeans


In Netbeans IDE select : File -> New Project

For New Project select : HTML5 from Categories
And in Projects select : HTML5 Application from existing source then select your source code , the project structure seems somewhat different in Project explorer but its okay on disk the folder structure for source code remains same as before so edit your code and enjoy Netbeans rich features also install the IonicExtention plugin to Ionic tag auto completion during editing.

Note : In Project section there is also Cordova option is available but thats not work for me so try on your system and inform me if it works.

Also in Netbeans its easy to use the Terminal for running commands from within the netbeans without changing windows.

To access the Terminal from main menu select : Window -> IDE Tools -> Terminal and run the Ionic cammands or any you want.
Posted by sampatkhatri on Oct 09, 2015

How to open a project


I've a Ionic source code project and I want open it with Netbeans. How can I do that? Should I import as a Netbeans project?

Posted by leandrobortolotto on Oct 08, 2015


Thanks for making this plugin, really makes my life easier.
I have a suggestion, would it be possible to integrate ionic as a html project in the creation menu or, like angular, selectable in the html5 project creation process? It would be very nice to be able to create an ionic project from the templates available in the ionic start --list. Also very helpful would be the option to run the project as an ionic project for mobile platforms instead of the default cordova project, some features lose functionality when ran that way.
Thanks again.
Posted by MoPHL on Sep 01, 2015

Please rate and comment

Hi , please rate and comment this plugin and suggest improvements so that I can further enhance the plugin
Posted by sampatkhatri on Aug 25, 2015