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add Twitter Bootstrap palette to HTML editing

NetBeans Plugin - BootstrapPalette
Plugin owner: dudy
Added: 2015-06-29
License: GPL2
Category: Web Applications
Downloaded: 21,803 times
 4.4, by 2 users

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What's new in this version

In this first version there are seven essential items implemented:
  • Page: creates a new HTML page with necessary css and javascript imports.
  • Grid: creates a container with a simple grid structure
  • Navbar: creates a top fixed navbar with some items
  • Carousel: creates a sample carousel with three dummy slides
  • Panel: creates a panel with title and content
  • Form: creates an inline form with some sample elements (email, password, text, checkbox, submit)
  • Button: creates a button, here you can choose the size (large, default, small, extra-small) and type (default, primary, success, info, warning, danger, link)

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification


This plugin adds a new palette called "bootstrap" to the HTML palette. Open palette by Window - IDE Tools - Palette in the menu bar. You can drag'n'drop the items into your HTML sourcecode files.

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User Comments



hello everybody...
to get started working with bootstrap,just visit to learn bootstrap properly as the bootstrap plugin can only be integrated in netbeans via code...
Posted by bzaman on Jan 03, 2018

hello everyone

I have downloaded Bootstrap Plugin but i don't know to work with it in netbeans8.2 there is no option shown in it.
Please tell me steps to be followed after downloading this Plugin
Posted by nisha1234 on Jul 26, 2017

not work on NB8.1

Hi all,
on NB 8.1 it does not work at all; you can install it, without errors, but it does not appear in the palette.
Posted by gianluca.ferrantelli on Sep 12, 2016

attn: dumb question department

some newbie tried to install on nb8.1 and cannot seem to make it work. plug installed via file (cause it not show in list of plugins) and it seemed to install OK, no errors, but it does not show up under any palette categories.
Posted by dogsnotgods on Apr 28, 2016

Great plugin!!

Great plug in, has the most commos and recently option of bootstrap components.

How can i contribute with you?

I would like to modify the options of some component so it could be more flexible at the moment to create a web site.

thanks a lot.
Posted by davidarredondo on Nov 06, 2015