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Adds menu entries for changing the case of selected text. Works with Netbeans 5.0, 5.5, 6.x

NetBeans Plugin - Change Case
Plugin owner: richyrich
Added: 2007-03-16
License: Apache
Category: Editing
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Adds menu entries to the Source menu for the following source code editing options: Change Case of selected text to: lower case, UPPER CASE, Proper Case, camelCase, Sentence case, sWAP cASE

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Also works for Netbeans Version 8.2

Please add shortcuts for each options
Posted by rohan-khude on Apr 23, 2018

Are you planning further support to this plugin?

Are you planning further support to this plugin?
If you do not plan to support this plugin, could you give me a link where I can find the source code of this plugin? I would like to make a fork of this plugin for further support.

Bugs with this plugin:

Regards, Arthur.
Posted by KhArtNJava on Dec 14, 2011


This is a very nice plugin. Very useful indeed.

However, when I undo, it completely removes the text. If you can avoid this, its great. And adding it to editor context menu would be very helpful.
Posted by jvenkat on Jun 15, 2011

Editors Context menu

It would be nice if the editing options were added to the editors context menu i.e. when you select the text and right-click in the editor.

The plugin "Java Text Copy paste Module" does this nicely
Posted by desmond_kirrane on Oct 07, 2008


Hi there Richy, I think your plug-ins pretty kiff! I'm doing a honours project and part of it involves what you've already done. I was hoping I could chat to you about you plug-in? You can contact me on and I'll explain my project in detail... that's if you have time. Thanks :D
Posted by Pooven on Jun 18, 2007

should work

Good idea, thanks Kurt. Certainly more efficient than the other suggestions/ideas I've come across! Also, easily implemented, I'll see about making that change.


Posted by richyrich on Jun 01, 2007

Another approach

might be to parse the words in the near vicinity of the caret for possible hints about how camelcase ought to be applied. For example:

ArrayList arraylist = new arraylist();

the variable named 'arraylist' is a likely candidate for change to ArrayList based on the clues in the immediate proximity, if you had to guess.

Posted by kurtrisser on May 31, 2007

Good Point!

Ah! I wondered how it would know where the word breaks were. A dictionary based search might work but I wonder how responsive it would be while editing. I guess there's really know other way to do it. Then you have the problem of mispelling. :(

The problem with typing spaces is that it's much more difficult to select multiple words to use your camelcase. Double-clicking on a single word selects it, the a key sequence with your camelcase could change it. I hope you can pull it off. :) Thanks for submitting this plugin!
Posted by dbotterill on Mar 23, 2007

It's not that smart

If your had the text "my new variable" then it would change to "myNewVariable". How is it supposed to know which character you want to capitalise? Maybe it could be done with a dictionary based search... I'll look into it.
Posted by richyrich on Mar 23, 2007

How does camelcase work?

I tried to use the camelcase and couldn't get it to work. I selected a word like "mynewvariable" and tried the camelcase. Nothing happened. Any ideas?

Posted by dbotterill on Mar 23, 2007


Hi all,

I would be happy to receive some feedback to my module here. If you have found it good, bad, any problems you might have had.

many thanks

Posted by richyrich on Mar 19, 2007