Sublime Monokai Theme for NetBeans 8 - plugin detail

Sublime Monokai based theme, with some slight tweaks for readability for PHP/HTML/SQL/CSS

NetBeans Plugin - Sublime Monokai Theme for NetBeans 8
Plugin owner: JamShady
Added: 2014-09-06
License: MIT
Category: Graphical User Interface
Downloaded: 119,460 times
 4.61, by 6 users

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Download plugin   Download size: 0.02 MB   Last Update: 2016-03-08

What's new in this version

  • Diff colours fixed for 8.1

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification

Download plugin   Download size: 0.02 MB   Last Update: 2015-05-21

What's new in this version

  • Fix for highlighting expression braces in HTML files - was previously set to black
  • Theme renamed to just 'Monokai'
  • Error/Warning underlining changes to background highlighting - the underlining looked tacky
NB: There are some colours that are deliberately messed up because I was experimenting with what affects what. If there is something displaying incorrectly in your IDE, please send me the affected file/code so I can reproduce and amend the them accordingly. Thanks

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification


Sublime Monokai based theme with following features:
  • Dark background to prevent eye strain
  • Rough Colours relating to:
    • blue = variables
    • green = functions/method declarations/class
    • orange = highlighting, some operators
    • purple = constants, identifiers, symbols, class and static members
    • pink = keywords
    • yellow = strings
  • Subtle whitespace indication
  • Correct anti-aliased font on Windows

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User Comments


why don't support 8.2

why don't support 8.2
Posted by mcheung63 on Sep 16, 2017

Best dark theme ever!!!

Very comfortable theme. Also compatible with 8.2 (just zip archive config folder and then import it)
Posted by alexxv46 on Jun 06, 2017


One of the best!!! best!!! best!!!

Tried so many Monakai's, this is the best ever. NB 8.2 compatible without an issue.

Posted by rockz5555 on May 28, 2017


How do you reverse to uninstall a theme?
Posted by moueza on Dec 05, 2016

Import Final Solution

unzip downloaded file
zip "config folder" only
import in Netbeans IDE (tools>options>import)

Be happy
Posted by xand1001 on Dec 22, 2015

Import [Solution]

The problem is the language of your Netbeans

Extract file .zip
open file ""
change line "Fonts & ColorsMonokai" to your language
exemple: "Fontes & CoresMonokai" to Portuguese

Tip : Export your "Fonts & Colors" to a folder , then unzip and open the file to know how you should write.

Posted by dondesigner on Dec 20, 2015

Theme Import not working!

"...The instructions to import the zip file usint Tools > Import... is not working. There is nothing to select ater choosing the zip file..."
I have the same problem.
Nothing appears for selection:

And so with any theme.
Perhaps the fact that I have a localization?
Posted by sable-rom on Dec 17, 2015

Installation instruction not working on 8.1

The instructions to import the zip file usint Tools > Import... is not working. There is nothing to select ater choosing the zip file.
Posted by daniel.leite on Nov 23, 2015

Javadoc identifier issue

Too bad the new version didnt updated the "Javadoc identifier" elements (in Java language), which are still black on a black background as mentioned below by mclaborn.
Posted by lolo_101 on Oct 15, 2015

Installation instructions

@daddi @kopmanis

To install the theme, go to "Tools" > "Options" > "Fonts & Colors".

There should be an "Import..." button at the bottom of the dialog. You can import the .zip file directly.
Posted by wernerm on Aug 19, 2015

Very small background color tweak

Monokai theme is the best IDE theme, thanks again for porting to Netbeans.

I only miss dark gray background (not black, as in this implementation) as per original Monokai implementations (since textmate).

Original background color is rgb(39, 40, 34)
Posted by wernerm on Aug 19, 2015


i downloaded this plugin and unziped it but in can find nbm file to install or add it to the IDE
Posted by daddi on Jul 31, 2015


How should we install what's in that .zip file that you can download?
Posted by kopmanis on May 26, 2015

Insertion Point Color

Can something be done about the Insertion Point Color(The bar that pops up when you click a space)? Changing the Caret Color doesn't do anything and having a black background with a black bar bugs me.
Posted by ovan10 on May 02, 2015

How to change braces color in "{{angularJsVariable}}" from black to some other color

Hello, as the background color is black & braces color in "{{angularJsVariable}}", its hard to find. How can i change the color of double braces?
(in javascript)
Posted by siva3378 on Mar 13, 2015

Problem with debugging brakpoints

could you change contrast for breakpoints highlights, because it is difficult to read the line there.
Posted by hexin on Oct 13, 2014

Javadoc problem

"Javadoc Identifier" has foreground of black - so it gets lost. I changed mine to light gray.
Posted by mclaborn on Oct 07, 2014