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Generate C++ JNI header

NetBeans Plugin - MKO-JNI Stub Maker
Plugin owner: Marioko
Added: 2007-03-13
License: LGPL
Category: Utilities
Downloaded: 2,900 times
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What's new in this version

Support mutil-selection files to generate one header by many java files

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification


This module use javah tool to automatically make C++ JNI header (.h) files. (Este modulo utiliza la herramienta javah para generar archivos C++ de cabeceras (.h) para ser usados con JNI.)

You can download a screencast on JNI Stub Maker Web, also the screencast works as introduction of JNI with Netbeans and C++ Dev Pack

The plugin works in Netbeans 5.x and 6.x

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Like to contribute

I would like to contribute in developing the linux version of this plugin, because I need it.
Posted by minashokry on Jul 29, 2007

Linux Support

I currently working in Linux support..

Soon it will be avalieble. But if some one want to help me.. welcome
Posted by Marioko on May 12, 2007

Rate Please...

If you like this plugin or not, please rate it....
Posted by Marioko on Mar 16, 2007