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Backup/Restore your settings to/from a zip file

Plugin owner: lnmiitravi
Added: 2008-01-27
License: Free
Category: NetBeans Rich Client Platform
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This module is intended to help creating backup your .netbeans folder as a .zip file and restoration of your settings from a .zip file.

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User Comments


It throws exception on "Create Backup" button

It's this NPE:

at org.netbeans.nbbackupsettings.Backup.analyze(
at org.netbeans.nbbackupsettings.Backup.(
at org.netbeans.nbbackupsettings.Main.backupActionPerformed(
at org.netbeans.nbbackupsettings.Main.access$200(
at org.netbeans.nbbackupsettings.Main$3.actionPerformed(
at javax.swing.AbstractButton.fireActionPerformed(

Hope you fix this soon!
Posted by jkovalsky on Mar 04, 2008

Backing up settings doesn't produce any results or errors

Windows XP, fully patched, NetBeans 6.0.1. After browsing to the installation folder and browsing to a folder to save the generated backup file, I click "Create Backup" and nothing happens - no error, no confirmation, and no file (I have searched all drives). Any documentation or examples that I can refer to? This plugin would solve a significant problem where I work...
Posted by josephkasprzyk on Feb 09, 2008