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Theme with blue highlight, grayscale and black background.

NetBeans Plugin - ClassicaL
Plugin owner: victor.eduardo.barreto
Added: 2014-05-26
License: GPL
Category: Web Applications
Downloaded: 2,880 times
 4.44, by 1 users

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What's new in this version

** installation ** 1- (tolls->options) click button (import) find downloaded plugin and click (OK). 2- (Fonts & Colors) select (ClassicaL) in field profile; note* To improve the menu side, use a theme like - Dark Nimbus Theme. - Works in all default languages. - Highlights and Annotations updated. ** New ** - Java [Added] - JavaScript [Updated] - C [Added] - C++ [Added] - Assembler [Added] ** New ** - Changed the font to improve indentation and indent guide lines.

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Theme with few colors and black background.

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Please package it as NBM or JAR

please package theme files in a NBM or JAR file.
You can look at this plugin:

Posted by ent38 on May 01, 2015