RTF copy/paste for Netbeans 8.0 - plugin detail

An extension for Netbeans to copy the editor content into clipboard in the RTF format. This enables you to copy the editor content to OpenOffice or MS Office preserving the syntax coloring.

NetBeans Plugin - RTF copy/paste for Netbeans 8.0
Plugin owner: misias
Website: http://code.google.com/p/rtfcopypaste/
Added: 2014-04-14
License: GPL v3
Category: Utilities
Downloaded: 7,263 times
 4.39, by 2 users

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Compatibility with Netbeans 8.0

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Plugin is not subject to any verification


Module to copy/paste Netbeans editor content with formatting to RTF format.


  • 1. Select code,
  • 2. Click right mouse button to expand popup menu,
  • 3. Select "Copy as RTF" option to copy, selected content to the system clipboard,
  • 4. Paste clipboard content to your RTF editor like OpenOffice or MS Word (special paste).

Additional options:

  • 1. Go to Tools - Options
  • 2. Select Copy/Paste tab to customize plugin options.


I've tested this plugin on Netbeans 8.0 with OpenOffice 4.1 and MS Word.


If you want to further develop this plugin - just write to me, I will add you to the project owners.


If you have some suggestions: mw219725@gmail.com

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User Comments


thx anyway !

Posted by misias on Sep 24, 2014 Check out if this one works fine: http://plugins.netbeans.org/plugin/56173/?show=true

man! I wish I had seen this on wednesday 25th , would've saved me 3 days of headaches looking everywhere on the web for some
'Editor Settings Storage' or 'Editor Library' plugins,
that were nowhere to be found.

works pretty great with new version, all colors of all Java netbeans configurable Categories (constructors, fields, local variables, etc. ) do get captured and carried!
the (underlined, etc.) effects that netbeans allows, get lost though (but certainly makes sense as i don't think RTF format allows underlining, or any other effects, in a different color, which is what netbeans does..)
Posted by MrP on Sep 28, 2014


Check out if this one works fine:
Posted by misias on Sep 24, 2014

Impending update for 8.0.1

Thanks - looking forward to having this functionality restored!
Posted by joecsc on Sep 24, 2014

Netbeans 8.0.1

Hi, thanks for letting me know. I will take care of it within a week. I need to complile it each time under each specyfic version of Netbeans.
Posted by misias on Sep 17, 2014

Plugin is broken after updating to NB 8.0.1

Same issue as zhyi - any idea when this plugin will be updated?
Posted by joecsc on Sep 17, 2014

Doesn't Work with NetBeans 8.0.1

While installing, I'm told that the Editor Settings Storage plugin is required, but I've no idea where to install that plugin.
Posted by zhyi on Sep 17, 2014