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A PDF viewer written in JavaFX for NetBeans There is a tutorial on building a Netbeans plugin on our blog at http://blog.idrsolutions.com/2014/01/writing-javafx-pdf-viewer-plugin-netbeans-1-introduction/ Full project code can be downloaded from http://www.idrsolutions.com/jpedal-javafx-pdf-viewer/

Plugin owner: markee174
Website: http://www.idrsolutions.com
Added: 2014-01-05
License: Proprietary
Category: Desktop Applications
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Cutdown free JavaFX viewer from IDRsolutions.
Full project code can be downloaded - http://www.idrsolutions.com/jpedal-javafx-pdf-viewer/
Tutorial on writing a NetBeans plugin - http://blog.idrsolutions.com/2014/01/writing-javafx-pdf-viewer-plugin-netbeans-1-introduction/

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Can only render one page at a time, so frankly a toy demo

The netbeans plugin is free and does not use the commercial version of JPedal (which is aimed at large businesses/ISVs). The Java PDF libraries world is split between free, unfinished, unsupported PDF libraries and commercial, supported ones.

You can download the source code for the project. NetBeans uses OpenViewerFX which is free under an LGPL license and the source code is freely available if you want to add features. It works really nicely with NetBeans deploy to Pi solution to provide support for PDF on embedded systems.

The aim was to integrate the Open Source viewer into NetBeans IDE/platform to make it easy to build integrated solutions in Java (and make use of JavaFX). It also allowed us to write a whole series of tutorial blog posts on writing a Netbeans plugin and using JavaFX in NetBeans.

If you want a standalone non-Java solution have a look at PDF.js

Sumatra is not a Java application and is under a GPL license (which makes it viral). If you want a free Swing solution you can also look at PDFRenderer (but it only supports a subset of PDF file format).
Posted by markee174 on Aug 20, 2014

Can only render one page at a time, so frankly a toy demo

The pricing for the JPedal library is far too expensive; only a large business would tolerate these prices.

I can get an IDE for much less than JPedal and could probably adapt other free PDF code to do this e.g. free Java PDF libraries and free Sumatra PDF source code etc; I don't bother because Sumatra PDF is a better solution and Mozilla Firefox can render PDF natively.
Posted by Infernoz.Raging on Aug 19, 2014
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