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A plugin originally created by Geertjan Wielenga for highlighting and editing Freemarker Templating Language. Revived by NetBeans PHP Community Council members ( Feel free to issue bugs or feature requests here:

NetBeans Plugin - Freemarker NetBeans Plugin
Plugin owner: Monomachus
Added: 2013-12-06
License: GPLv3
Category: Editing
Downloaded: 3,669 times
 4.39, by 2 users

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What's new in this version

  • Freemarker files highlighting

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Plugin is not subject to any verification


More details read in Geertjan's blogpost

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User Comments


"Lexer to NetBeans Bridge needed"

Hi, I couldn't install - the above message is shown on installation.

I solved it by:

svn checkout

Then opened that in NetBeans, built, and "Install/Reload module in IDE".
Posted by pekarna on Nov 14, 2014

stupid solution

i have my first day with netbeans 8, spring and freemarker today.
had the same problem that the syntax highlightning and the code formating is not working.
my stupid solution is to rename .ftl to .xhtml.
that works but it is really stupid
and i have some red exclamation marks at the corner.
but they can be ignored.
if there is no netbeans solution for this i will soon return to eclipse.

Posted by nbean on Nov 11, 2014

Need Support for Netbeans 8

Please provide the support for netbeans 8
Posted by sd.hrishi on Sep 19, 2014

Netbeans 8

Please support Netbeans 8

Posted by Worsik on Aug 26, 2014

Need Netbeans 8.0 Support.

Please support Netbeans 8.0.
Posted by venkatramakkineni on Jul 29, 2014

Netbeans 8.0

has anybody a solution for use this plugin on Netbeans 8 ?

Posted by jcamelis on Jun 21, 2014

Please provide NB 8.0 support

Thx :)
Posted by tomzi on Apr 28, 2014