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Sublime Text default theme for Netbeans IDE.

NetBeans Plugin - Sublime Theme
Plugin owner: motammem
Added: 2013-10-30
License: MIT
Category: Web Applications
Downloaded: 515,810 times
 4.53, by 23 users

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What's new in this version

CSS coloring improved...

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All colors changed for php,css,xml and html coding.

How to Install:
Goto: Tools -> Options -> Import... then choose "" and apply changes.

Thanks for Downloading.

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User Comments


Erro ao importar o arquivo zip do Sublime Theme

O arquivo deve estar no formato ZIP, caso estejam utilizando o winrar deve converter senão não irá funcionar a importação para o Netbeans.
Posted by wflorentino on Jun 15, 2020

to Posted by massiws on Oct 14, 2016

"Font & colors" -> "Highlighting" -> "Mark Accurrences"
Posted by Anatoliy_Poloz on May 08, 2017


How do I remove the plugin and put the normal white theme?
Posted by hamsikarmino on Feb 02, 2017

Text highlighting too strong

Thanks for this theme!

I installed on Linux Mint and I have noticed that highlighting, in some cases, is too strong, making text unreadable.

For example, pointing the cursor on a variable, the background change to a light-yellow while the foreground still remain the same: I can't find where to change this setting.

I had to change some background colors for debug section (Breakpoint, Current counter, etc.); in "Font & colors" -> "Highlighting" -> "Selected text" I changed the background to [52,52,52], making the feel more Sublime-like!

Posted by massiws on Oct 14, 2016

I was looking for this....

Thanks for creating the theme....loving it...
Posted by Amer on Aug 18, 2016

Thanks :-)

I am, indeed, very happy.
Posted by gaetane on Mar 07, 2016

Import Solution for 8,0 and 8.1

unzip downloaded file
zip "config folder" only
import "" in Netbeans IDE (tools>options>import)

Be happy
Posted by xand1001 on Dec 22, 2015

Installation instructions not working on 8.1

Nothing appears to import after select zip file.
Posted by jefferson_gouveia on Dec 21, 2015

Very Useful

Thank you very much for creating and posting this!!!
Posted by SinFin on Dec 09, 2015

Installation instruction WORKING on 8.1

If you need to install the zip file in Mac OS X version, you have to go to NetBeans > Preferences > Fonts & Colors. Click on the Import... button at the bottom of the dialog screen and should be fine.
Posted by javic on Nov 28, 2015

Installation instruction not working on 8.1

The instructions to import the zip file usint Tools > Import... is not working. There is nothing to select ater choosing the zip file.
Posted by daniel.leite on Nov 23, 2015

multicursor support

One thing to make NetBeans more like Sublime would be multicursor support. You can vote for it at
Posted by rich8379 on Feb 04, 2015

Not imported into 8.0.2

This is showing a message " select something to be imported " .
When you select a specific file, it show a message "invalid zip file".
Posted by Scorpyous on Jan 17, 2015

Not imported into 8.0.2 (Russian locale)

I took the file of exports and replace the line for Sublime Text. Thereafter import load. The problem was in the encoding of the file.
Posted by 7000 on Dec 08, 2014

Re: How to change the selected word's background color

@cyl19910101 Go to Options > Fonts & Colors > Highlighting > Selected Text > Background > Custom. I use a dark blue for the background. The RGB values are 42, 95, 128. I also used that color for marked occurrences.

Posted by thesu on Aug 16, 2014

How to change the selected word's background color

Hi there, I like sublime-theme very much, it's a pretty cool theme. However, the selected word's background color (also to the match words) is unreadable under OS X 10.9 & NetBeans 8.0, I wanna show the picture to you guys, but there is no upload method. Can you guys teach me how to change it?
Posted by cyl19910101 on Aug 12, 2014

My favorite theme

Sublime is great.
Perfectly in fedora 20
Posted by joyanadel on Jun 13, 2014

Great theme

It's a great theme and it's working well in NB 8.0 RC1. However, I found css and javascript marked occurances utterly unreadable. I changed that yellowish background to black - just like in php. Thank you for your work!
Posted by sidewinder on Mar 12, 2014

Working fedora

Working excellent in fedora linux 64 with xfce netbeans 7.4. Thanks for the theme
Posted by metamaster on Feb 20, 2014

Is 7.4 supported?

Does this version get supported in 7.4 ?
Posted by YannisDR on Jan 27, 2014

How can i change background colour in sidebar?

Great theme! Anyway, how can i change the background color in sidebar (ex.project)?
Posted by mikhi on Jan 18, 2014

Install on a Mac with ...

Posted by jzwolak on Dec 22, 2013

if supporting for v7.4, that's perfect

if supporting for v7.4, that's perfect
Posted by evoloyeu on Dec 04, 2013

So Cool

It was great. thank you for sharing such a nice theme.
I rated +5.
Posted by qrti6tr2 on Nov 14, 2013