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Dead code detector for NetBeans projects, by right-clicking them and choosing Dead Code Detector, or any folder, by choosing Source | Dead Code Detector or pressing Ctrl-D.

NetBeans Plugin - Dead code detector
Plugin owner: geertjan
Added: 2013-08-04
License: CDDL
Category: Debugging
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What's new in this version

1.1: Now it is possible to select multiple NetBeans Platform module suites, right-click them, and you'll see the folders of all suites are listed in the detector and are ready for processing.

1.2: Right-click any project and choose "Dead Code Detector" to detect dead code in all Java class files within the project. Also, within the Source menu (and by pressing Ctrl-D), the Dead Code Detector can be shown.

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Plugin is not subject to any verification


Emeric Vernat's dead code detector ( integrated as a NetBeans module. Visible when you right-click the project node in NetBeans IDE or from the Source menu or by pressing Ctrl-D.

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User Comments


Detecting only dead methods in one class

I would like to detect only dead methods in one and only one class.

Is there any way to do that ?
Posted by jonathanvilalopez on May 29, 2014