TableLayout 3.4 support - plugin detail

TableLayout layout manager support.

Plugin owner: ramos
Added: 2007-12-30
License: SPL
Category: Graphical User Interface
Downloaded: 2,872 times
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TableLayout layout manager support.

This is the TableLayout plugin for NetBeans by Illya Kysil. It is compiled for NetBeans 6.0. However the layout manager code may not be in the current version. I got the source code with svn from

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User Comments


Support for 7.2

We need this plugin for NB 7.1. Please ,plz,plz release it asap.
thank u
Posted by dgprkash on Aug 07, 2012

Support for NB 7.1 and source

Dear Sir,

We source of this plugin to support this plugin for current and future version of Netbeans versions. Pls post the source link url to download this project.

Posted by mahasarathi on Mar 01, 2012

Support for 7.1


We need this plugin for NB 7.1. Please release it asap.
Posted by mahasarathi on Jan 30, 2012

Excellent Layout

Before one year I planned to make an layout, that is based on html table design. But you done it. Please make this layout available in default swing layout managers in jdk. Many many thanks to you.
Posted by mahasarathi on Dec 16, 2009

Very useful plugin and excellent implementation

It is a pity that this plugin is not actively developed any more but it looks like it is a feature complete. It integrates so well with NB that I would think it is done by Matisse team.

However, TableLayout.jar is a bit outdated and sources downloaded from berlios would not compile on NB6 with this error
You must define 'nbplatform.default.harness.dir'

Ramos, since you built it yourself on NB6, you could have added support for it to the project trunk on berlios. There is a support for nb3.6, nb4.0, nb4.1, nb5.0 in separate project folders, could you please add nb6.0 to it (it is open-source, isn't it :)). I would like to be able to build it with latest TableLayout.jar.


Posted by ndario on Jan 08, 2008