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Swap parameters, arguments or array initializer.

Plugin owner: sandipchitale
Added: 2007-12-26
License: CDDL
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This supports single click swapping of a parameter, argument or array initializer expressions with pervious or next item in the sequence. It maintains the caret position thus allowing repeated swapping. It automatically handles the comma delimiter.

For example, with caret at | in:

void method(int iii, String |sss, boolean bbb){}
pressing CTRL+ALT+. (i.e. period) or invoking Source:Swap Next action yields:
void method(int iii, boolean bbb, String |sss){}
pressing CTRL+ALT+, (i.e. comma) or invoking Source:Swap Previous action with the original source yields:
void method(String |sss, int iii, boolean bbb){}

BTW I used the WhichTree module to understand the Javac Trees to figure out how to implement this module. WhichTree module is very useful if you are dealing with Java source in the editor.


DISCLAIMER: This module is experimental. So no guarantees. Use the module at your own risk.

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