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A problem with code completion is that the end user has no control over it. In other words, the user cannot decide which words are in the code completion box. In most cases this isn't a problem, since whoever provides an editor is likely to provide good code completion. However, sometimes the user may have a need to supplement the existing items in the code completion box. With this plugin, the end user can specify a file, containing useful words for code completion. These words will then appear in the code completion boxes of all file types, together with all the words that are already provided there by existing completion providers. To ensure they don't distract in places where they are inappropriate, they always appear at the end of the existing items.

NetBeans Plugin - Spiced Up Code Completion
Plugin owner: geertjan
Website: http://blogs.sun.com/geertjan/entry/more_power_to_code_completion
Added: 2007-12-25
License: CDDL
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After installation, go to the Miscellaneous category in the Options window, and set a text file as the "code completion file":


Then, every document that you work on (Java, text, HTML, whatever), will include the words from the code completion file, at the end of the standard list of code completion words. This way you can, for example, include a dictionary file (in any language) so that working on Javadoc or HTML files will be easier. The words from your file will always appear after the items provided by the other code completion providers.

Below you see examples of the result, for a properties file, an HTML file, and a Java file, using an English dictionary file as input.


Here is a list of the English words that I used in the screenshots above.

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