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Developing mobile web applications with Netbiscuits BiscuitML and NetBeans IDE

Plugin owner: ljayasuriya
Website: http://jamplugin.appspot.com
Added: 2012-10-18
License: CDDL
Category: Mobile Applications
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JAM Plugin facilitates easy coding in BiscuitML offering several Code Completions, Code Generators, editors for Biscuit elements and styles. Biscuits can be inserted into the code editor via drag & drop and be configured in a GUI by using the Biscuit Palette. External tools allow BiscuitML Code Validation or Conversion, e.g. from HTML to BBcode. Also a full Biscuitdoc (help texts) is available in Code Completion, separate Biscuitdoc window and via the IDEs Quick-Search toolbar.

BiscuitML EditorThe editor supports the Biscuit markup language, and assists you with code completion and language documentation popups.

Smart Code CompletionThe editor provides automatic code completion in several types, including Biscuit Tags, BBCode, Rich Internet Features, Calling Codes and Biscuitdoc. While you type, it lists possible completions: The most obvious and common options are listed at the top, but you can always choose from the full set of options at the bottom. Typing the first letters of a CamelCase word triggers code completion.

NavigationUse the Navigator's Members and Hierarchy Inspectors to navigate within Biscuits fast. With a single click, you jump to Biscuits, or search results.

Insert CodeThe editor can generate common code snippets for you in BiscuitML. A dialog is provided to give you complete control over which tags and script functions are created.

Media RepositoryIt makes it easy to works with Netbiscuits Media Repository. Use the Media Repository Browser to connect to, browse, delete, or show media items. The browser gives you quick view over your folders and contents.

Biscuitdoc Index SearchFrom the new Biscuitdoc Index Serach window, you can search through the included documentation for information on a specific biscuit or Rich Internet Feature action.

Templates and Sample ApplicationsThe Plugin comes with several BiscuitML templates and sample projects for Java EE.

For the complete feature set see the included JAM Plugin help.

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