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KhArtN's Case Changer

NetBeans Plugin - KhArtN's Case Changer
Plugin owner: KhArtNJava
Added: 2012-03-15
License: Unknown
Category: Editing
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Version 2: * Reworked logic of the module: fixed Case_Toogler

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Plugin is not subject to any verification


Adds menu entries to the Edit menu for the following source code editing options: Change Case of selected text to: lower case, UPPER CASE, Proper Case, camelCase, Sentence case, sWAP cASE. Plugin functional is also availavle thru shortkeys: Case Toogler - Alt+F5 Alt+F5 sWAP cASE - Alt+F5 NUMPAD 1 toCamelCase - Alt+F5 NUMPAD 2 to lower case - Alt+F5 NUMPAD 3 TO UPPER CASE - Alt+F5 NUMPAD 4 To Proper Case - Alt+F5 NUMPAD 6 To sentence case - Alt+F5 NUMPAD 7

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Development version

I found the remanents on bitbucket since now goocle code is dead.

Download and enhace! :D
Posted by javatlacati on Aug 11, 2015