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Convert characters with code above 127 in the ASCII table to unicode escape of the form \uxxxx.

Plugin owner: jeanclaybr@yahoo.com.br
Added: 2007-11-22
License: CDDL
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Convert characters with code above 127 in the ASCII table to unicode escape of the form \uxxxx. You select the desired text, then click with the right button of the mouse and then choose "Replace selected with unicode"

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Posted by pirate on Jul 27, 2010

Should be available in Properties files as well

Currently the menu item is only available in the context menu of a Java file

But I think it makes sense to also add this to the context menu of a properties file (as properties files only support ISO-8859-1 encoding)
Posted by tkellerer on Sep 01, 2008


Does what it says in the box. If you don't need it you won't see the point. If you do need it, you will nevermore wonder why the moron developer put too many spaces in the regex.
Posted by i30817 on Dec 04, 2007

Re: Why doesn't it show up inside NetBeans?

Hi tkellerer.
First of all, thanks for your comment.
I this version it's not possible to turn off the confirmation. I'll see if I create a way for the user to turn it off or if I remove it at all.
I do not know why it is not listed as an update.
Regards, Jean.
Posted by jeanclaybr on Nov 28, 2007

Why doesn't it show up inside NetBeans?

The tool is indeed very nice. Can I turn off the confirmation "Do you really want to do this?"

I wonder why the Plugin Manager in NB 6.0 (RC2) does not list this plugin although the plugin portal is listed as an update center in the settings (and is enabled)
Posted by tkellerer on Nov 27, 2007

Very useful tool.

Excellent tool. Very useful.
I used in m10 of the 6.0 and the RC1.
Posted by wvilela on Nov 22, 2007