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Unified Thread and Call stack view.

NetBeans Plugin - JPDA (Java) Debugger Threads View Enhancements
Plugin owner: sandipchitale
Added: 2007-11-21
License: CDDL
Category: Debugging
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Show current call stack frame in bold.

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Unified Thread and Call stack view (somewhat like Eclipse Java Debugger Threads View). The call stack frames are shown as the children of suspended thread in the Threads view. It supports same actions on as Call Stack view and more. For example, it shows actions to jump to types of local variable of a Call stackframe as well as the Show Classes action. The Show Classes action shows all the classes loaded in the JVM along with the loading and initiating ClassLoaders. This is useful for debugging class loading in multi-ClassLoder appications such as NetBeans itself. It shows full method signature of the Call stack frame. It additionally shows the actual class of the 'this' variable if it differs from the class that declares the method of the call stack frames.


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Cool one

Much needed for better debugging
Posted by wjprakash on Dec 04, 2007