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LessCSS Module. Note: I'm merely re-compiling this module to be compatible with Netbeans 7.0. The original plugin can be found at http://plugins.netbeans.org/plugin/32782

Plugin owner: khairie
Website: https://github.com/khairie/lesscss-module
Added: 2012-01-06
License: MIT
Category: Editing
Downloaded: 16,808 times
 4.22, by 1 users

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Re-compiled to work with Netbeans 7.0.

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This module is to allow for tighter integration of netbeans with LessCSS (using the LessPHP standard). Note: I'm merely re-compiling this module to be compatible with Netbeans 7.0. The original plugin can be found at http://plugins.netbeans.org/plugin/32782

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User Comments


Unable to add /* comments */

Any idea why I am unable to add comments in the format /* comment */ ? I'm pretty new to LESS, I'm not sure if it's something I'm overlooking, but netbeans literally won't let me type these two characters next to each other.

Posted by mrchristoph on Feb 18, 2014


Note to cieszak... I just leave WinLess running in the background and Less files are compiled as soon as they are saved. Works great and even tracks dependencies (i.e. any less file that includes the file just saved gets compiled also). It'd be nice if it were integrated into NetBeans but WinLess will do.
Posted by spcjak7221 on Apr 26, 2013

Unable to do a block comment like /* this is a comment */

First of all, thanks for the plugin. It'll do until Less highlighting is native to NetBeans.

One big problem. It won't let me do a block comment like /* this */. I'll type the "/" and can't get it to give me an "*". I can't even paste a block comment from the clipboard.

If you can fix this, you're golden. Thanks!
Posted by spcjak7221 on Apr 26, 2013

OnSave Less compilation

Thanks for this great plugin!

Is it possible to add compiler for less?
dotlesscss or other from https://github.com/cloudhead/less.js/wiki/Command-Line-use-of-LESS
(I have Windows)

It may compile less file after save, or somethng like this
Posted by cieszak on Feb 17, 2013

Working great on 7.1.1

Thank for this plugin.
It makes writing css with less so much easier.

It doesn't accept the '&' operator but that's not a big deal.
Posted by derinus on Nov 30, 2012


Thank you
Posted by pat2 on Oct 14, 2012

Thank you.

Thank you.
Posted by insanio on Apr 04, 2012

Workings pretty well

Using 7.1.1 it works great for me under most circumstances.
Posted by brianf on Mar 10, 2012

Want help?

I would like to help but couldn't find clear docs on how to setup a netbeans plugin development environment.
I use Linux. Do you have some recommendations?
Posted by luislobo on Mar 08, 2012

Still have problems with Netbeans 7.0.1

I understand that there are still problems around this plugin with NB7.0.1. Please file the issues here. Will try to look into it when I can. I will also look into killermonk's issues list at his bitbucket's issue list.
Posted by khairie on Jan 13, 2012
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