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Highlight occurrences of JDK5 Boxing, Unboxing and Varargs.

NetBeans Plugin - Highlight Boxing Unboxing Varargs
Plugin owner: sandipchitale
Website: http://blogs.sun.com/scblog
Added: 2007-11-15
License: CDDL
Category: Programming Languages
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Fixed an NPE. Handle array variable initializers.

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Plugin is not subject to any verification


This module enables highlighting of occurrences of JDK5 Boxing, Unboxing and Varargs in the Java Editor. The JDK5 compiler silently applies the Boxing and Unboxing of primitive types to and from their reference type counter parts. In case of Unboxing a NullPointerException can be thrown if the reference type instance was null.

The highlight colors can be configured using Tools:Options:Miscellaneous:Highlight Boxing Unboxing Varargs tab.

TODO: Convert Actions into Tools:Options. Other possibility is to move the actions to the individual editor's toolbar.

Jan Lahoda contributed to this module. Thanks Jan.


DISCLAIMER: This module is experimental. So no guarantees. Use the module at your own risk.

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User Comments


It work for me with RC1

It works for me with RC1 (downloaded and installed without any problem). Thanks.
Posted by marian.motoc@broadridge.com on Nov 26, 2007

Compatible with RC1?

It seems I cannot install the latest version with Nb6 RC1:

Missing required modules for Plugin Highlight Boxing Unboxing Varargs:
Swing Layout Extensions integration [module org.jdesktop.layout/1 > 1.5]
UI Utilities API [module org.openide.awt > 6.12]
Posted by sreimers on Nov 19, 2007

RE: Compatible with RC1?

Should work with Beta2 and RC1 also.

Thanks sreimers for pointing out the problem.

Posted by sandipchitale on Nov 19, 2007

About: I don't see this module in "Available Plugins"

RE: I don't see this module in "Available Plugins"


To the best of my knowledge - the Plugin Portal Update Center itself is not configured in default update centres as the plugins here are not tested by NetBeans but contributed by community members.

You can install the update center for Plugin Portal using:

Plugin Portal Update Center module

CAUTION: There are just too many plugins here here and the list will be very big.

Posted by sandipchitale on Nov 16, 2007

I don't see this module in "Available Plugins"


Why I don't see this module in a list of available plugins? I could downloaded but I cannot install it though NetBeans Update.

Posted by minoleg on Nov 16, 2007