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This plugin provides support for the development and deployment of agent-oriented applications using the Agent Factory framework. In addition to supporting the creation of various platform-level components, the plugin also provides built-in support for the Agent Factory Agent Programming Language (AFAPL), a purpose-built Agent-Oriented Programming Language.

Plugin owner: rcollier
Added: 2007-11-15
License: LGPL
Category: Programming Languages
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Release 2.0.8: Examples added, some bugs fixed. Release 2.0.0: The plugin has been completely rewritten to make use of various new features of Netbeans, in particular the Generic Languages Framework. Additionally, we have introduced a run shortcut (Shift-F3) and a AFAPL2 compile shortcut (F10). Additionally, templates have been added for the AFRMA-DK, including a RemoteMessageAgent template, a MessageHandler template, and an EventHandler template. At the framework level, a Agent Interpreter / Architecture template has been added. For further details, please see the Agent Factory wiki.

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Agent Factory is a modular and extensible framework that provides comprehensive support for the development and deployment of agent-oriented applications. It has been developed by researchers from PRISM Laboratory in the School of Computer Science and Informatics at University College Dublin. It is part of an ongoing research initiative that seeks to understand how agent technologies may be used to construct complex distributed systems in a diverse range of problem domains, including, mobile & ubiquitous computing, distributed sensor networks, social robotics, and augmented reality.

The plugin provides the following features:

  • A project wizard that creates a basic Agent Factory project.
  • Syntax highlighting support for AFAPL2, CFG, and APS files.
  • Templates for AFAPL2, CFG, APS, Platform Services, Actuators, Perceptors, Modules, ...
  • A menu option and shortcut for compiling AFAPL2 code (F10)
  • Menu options to set the default platform configuration script (CFG) and community initialization script (APS)
  • A menu option and shortcut for running an agent platform using the current default CFG and APS files.

A short tutorial on how to use the plugin can be found here, while more detailed documentation on both the framework and AFAPL can be found here.

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