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Plugin make it possible to exchange files between SAP xMII and NetBeans

NetBeans Plugin - MII Deployer
Plugin owner: anatolse
Added: 2011-10-31
License: MIT
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Plugin make it possible to exchange files between SAP xMII and NetBeans. With this plugin it easy to develop HTML and JavaScript code inside NetBeans IDE and send it to xMII server. Also with this plugin it easier to retrieve files from SAP xMII server into the NetBeans project. Later you can use NetBeans to integrate your xMII source code with any version control system. Plugin also manages file's extensions. When upload files from NetBeans - HTML and JSON files will be converted to IRPT which used to manage localization in SAP xMII. When downloading from MII - IRPT will be converted to HTML or JSON in depends on content.

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Re: How use this?

This plugin has been migrated to Eclipse. This version has several bugs, although It can be quite usable.
  • First of all, you must fill all setting in the Tools->Options->MII page.
  • Next, create project, e.g. Java Project
  • Create WEB folder - folder named WEB
  • In the context menu for the WEB folder, choose MII->update menu item. NetBeans shows new window in which you should put name of the SAP MII Project. This name will be stored as attribute for the folder, and all folder content will be upload from MII project's WEB folder.
Reference to google code project

Posted by anatolse on Dec 09, 2012

How use this?

I have installed the plugin in netbeans and configured, but, i don't know how load a existent proyect.. to create a new proyect, this not appear in SAP xMII Workbench. how specified the path in xmii? Where found a use manual?
Posted by PFin on Dec 07, 2012