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A spellchecker module for NetBeans IDE.

Plugin owner: jlahoda
Added: 2011-04-08
License: CDDL-GPL-2-CP Ispell
Category: Editing
Downloaded: 17,705 times
 4.43, by 12 users

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Download plugin   Download size: 0.59 MB   Last Update: 2011-04-08

What's new in this version

Support for NetBeans IDE 6.1, NetBeans IDE 6.5, NetBeans IDE 6.7 and NetBeans 6.8. The NetBeans 6.7 version supports also NetBeans 6.8.

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification

Download plugin   Download size: 0.59 MB   Last Update: 2011-04-08

What's new in this version

Support for NetBeans IDE 6.1, NetBeans IDE 6.5, NetBeans IDE 6.7 and NetBeans 6.8. The NetBeans 6.7 version supports also NetBeans 6.8.

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification


This module allows spellchecking of Javadoc comments, Ruby comments, HTML/XML and versioning commit messages. Correcting misspelled words is also supported through editor hints. Place the caret into the misspelled word and press Alt-Enter. The hints also allow to add the word into a project-specific dictionary or into a user's private dictionary.

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User Comments


Javascript support

Hi, could you add the spell checking for .js files?
Posted by vasiliy_pdk on May 30, 2013

Please add support for PHP Comments +1

Posted by fonsecas72 on Apr 04, 2013

Please add support for PHP Comments

Would love to have spellcheck work for PHP comments, particularly the doc blocks used for phpDocumentor. Thanks!
Posted by Beowulf on Oct 04, 2011

Does this work for JSP pages?

I installed the plug-in without issue, but would like to see the HTML/xml support expanded to JSP pages. If you would like help, I would be glad to do the legwork.
Posted by kyenos on Jun 03, 2010

Private Dictionary

This is certainly a handy plugin to have when writing HTML pages.

Flagging words works as expected. I can even add words to a private dictionary which then appears in C:/Documents and Settings//Application Data/.netbeans/6.8/private-dictionary-en_US. I can see the the words in the dictionary by displaying that file.

Unfortunately, the words I have added to the private dictionary are still marked as misspelled in all documents. Once I have added the words to the dictionary, Alt-Enter gives me the opportunity to change the word to itself. For example, if I enter NetBeans into the dictionary, Alt-Enter on the word NetBeans gives me an additional opportunity to change the word from "NetBeans" to "NetBeans".

Could this be a line-ending problem? Using cygwin / vi I took a look at the file. Normally this will warn me if a file is in DOS format. However, this file seems to be in UNIX format. Converting the file to DOS format did not seem to alter the behavior.

I also tried adding a project-specific dictionary, but that doesn't seem to have been created (for a PHP project).

Current environment:
XP/Professional with all patches
JDK 1.6.0_20-b2
NetBeans 6.8 with all patches

I will try this under Fedora 11 (all other parameters the same) later to see if this persists.

I have not tried this under NetBeans 6.7
Posted by mdeggersbeans on May 24, 2010

How about Menu and also right-click support within editor

Thanks for this excellent plug-in.

I have two suggestions for improvement.

1) Add a menu item under Tools (for windows and other OS as proper)

2) Allow spell checking by right-clicking and correcting mistakes already highlighted.

Thank you again for great plug-in.
Posted by azizur on Apr 14, 2010

Third the motion for request

Although there is not much action on the comments list, I too would love to have support for //... comments. I will also echo mrossign and strongly suggest you let us know if there is any kind of support you might need; development, test, dictionaries, whatever.
Keep up the good work!
Posted by jirodan on Apr 08, 2010

I wish it would support 6.8

Posted by tgiunipero on Feb 24, 2010

I wish it would support 6.8

I wish it would support Netbeans 6.8. Is the source available somewhere?
Posted by pinus on Feb 06, 2010

NetBeans 6.8

I just installed this plugin on v6.8 and while the install completed without any errors it doesn't seem to be checking my spelling at all. :(

Can we expect an update for this plugin soon? My spelling is bad enough with a checker, let alone without one. :)
Posted by RNHurt on Dec 27, 2009

NetBeans 6.8

Does this plug-in work with the 6.8 version?
Posted by vilius-n on Dec 22, 2009

welcome addition, bug

I've been meaning to add this for a while, and I like it now that I have it installed. I'd comment that:
* it shouldn't spell check my bash scripts. (Can I specify which file types it knows about?)
* I wasn't able to add a new dictionary. What format should I use, is there an example.
* the spelling logic is great. I like that ImageReader does not appear as spelling error.
* it would be nice if I could easily add words to my dictionary (for example, right-click on the error, add to dictionary)
* it would be nice if I could set the error color to something less alarming (and distracting).
* I like that it works on commit entries as well.

I've run across a bug in Netbeans 6.7. The commit screen will come up blank, and keystrokes don't show up. Actually they are entered, I can see them if I resize the dialog, but they are in reverse. While this pretty funny, I suppose this is a bug that should be fixed. It's caused by a runtime exception in Netbeans, and here is my exception report:

and the associated bug in Netbeans:
Posted by jbfaden on Nov 20, 2009

learning of words seems to bug...

some words can be learned (e.g. polymerases)
but others refuse to be learned (e.g. Polbase or Biolabs)
I've tried adding it to both the project and my personal dictionary with no success.

I didn't see anywhere else to post this bug report - maybe i missed something?
Posted by bwlang on Sep 10, 2009


I've tried it with PHP, which uses JavaDoc-compatible tags and compatible comment-blocks /** ... */ - but it won't work. Could you update it to check these blocks too?
Thanks in advance!
Posted by marcusson on Jul 28, 2009

Update for NetBeans IDE 6.7

I have updated the download to include support for NetBeans 6.7. Thanks to jockeeriksson for temporary solution.
Posted by jlahoda on Jul 12, 2009

tmp download

I am not the owner of this plugin but I'm a big fan of it, so I had to build it my self until the owner gets time to fix it more permanently.
It works on my computer maybe on yours? anyway you can download it for now at http://code.google.com/p/nb-openlaszlo-framework/downloads/list
Posted by jockeeriksson on Jul 10, 2009

Spellchecker update for NetBeans 6.7

This is a great plugin that I use on NetBeans 6.1 and 6.5 since a long time.
Unfortunately, I failed to install it on NetBeans 6.7, as apparently a core library has changed (hints).
Any chance to get an update of Spellchecker for NetBeans 6.7 ? :)
Posted by appercel on Jul 03, 2009

6.7 beta

Does not install, asks for "require plugin Editor Hints to be installed. \n requested in implementation version6."
Posted by schaleff on May 11, 2009

Request bis

did not read ericscott07 post !
Indeed, need support for /**..*/ as well as /*..*/. Agreed also that this plugin should persist ! Please let us know if you need help for support, additions like that...
Posted by mrossign on Jan 08, 2009


This is a great plugin, thx.
However I have one request : it seems that in java the plugin does not work for // comments but just for /**..*/ comments.
Would be great to support for both comment types....
Thx :)
Posted by mrossign on Jan 08, 2009

JSF-Facelets plugins

Hi jlahoda,

It's me again ;)

I used your plugin on netbeans 6.1 and it worked well with my .xhtml files. Since I installed netbeans 6.5, I installed correctly your new update, and it works fine with most files. But it doesn't on my .xhtml files since I installed JSF-Facelets plugins :/
I just want to add I couldn't success installing these facelets plugins on 6.1 so I didn't have trouble with it.

Do you have any idea or would it be time consuming for you to find a fix to make it work with these plugins ?
thanks in advance and thanks again for your good job
Posted by sky_java_seb on Dec 19, 2008

support for c/c++

Is it planned to add support for c/c++ doxygen comments ?
Posted by gautiery on Dec 07, 2008

Is python binding available?

I want to try spell check on netbean 6.5 for python. But it seems like it is not installable on netbean 6.5
From the spellcheck module, I only find there are binding for java, ruby, xml, html. So, will python binding be available for the next version?
Posted by sgwong on Nov 23, 2008

Doesn't work with 6.5

Is there any plans to make it work for NetBeans 6.5?
Posted by minoleg on Nov 13, 2008

Issue 150642

I posted an Issue where you can find my dictionary. I would thank you a lot if you could do some testing & solve this matter...
I can get a look at your source code too if your want... I'm not used to participate a lot in community so I don't know if you put them in open source somewhere...
Don't hesitate to contact me.
Posted by sky_java_seb on Oct 22, 2008

doesn't work for me with french dictionnary

I tryed your plugin, it works well with your default english dictionnary... but...
I tryed to input my own french dictionnary and accuented characters are not well handled (non-accuented ones are ok) whatever charset I put my dictionnary (ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-15, windows 1252, UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32)... nothing to do it doesn't work and nothing looks wrong with my encoding that I checked with a JAVA own programm :/

(& I respect your 1 word by line in dictionnary)

Are you really sure you handle Charset types correctly ?
I didn't saw any correction help tool for mispell words either... am I doing something wrong or what ? :D
Posted by sky_java_seb on Oct 20, 2008

Works Great! Don't Let it Fall

Just needs to check /* */ and // type comments. Then it would be perfect, because then all I would have to do to spell check string literals would // them out. But please don't give up on this project. It's been about a year since the last update and from what I can tell this is the only Net Beans spell checker out there, please don't let it disappear. If anything open source it so that we can help support it.
~Eric Scott
Posted by ericscott07 on Oct 16, 2008

Doesn't work with NetBeans IDE Dev (Build 200807040101)

When I select all the .NBM files to install the Spell Checker Plugin, I get the following pop up message from NetBeans:

Missing required dependency for Plugin Spellchecker Core:
Plain Editor [module org.netbeans.modules.editor.plain/1 > 1.4]

I've tried looking everywhere for this "Plain Editor" plugin but can't find it. Help?

I'm using NetBeans IDE Dev (Build 200807040101)
Posted by 616 on Sep 22, 2008

Source of this plugin

Is there any way to get source of this plugin?
Posted by nazggul on Aug 05, 2008

Yeah... fixed For Version 6.1

Added Support for 6.1... Thanks a lot....
Posted by mithun_gonsalvez on Jun 27, 2008

Version for Netbeans-6.1....

This version does not seem to work with 6.1 of Netbeans. It would be very helpful if a new version was released..... Thanks.
Posted by mithun_gonsalvez on May 14, 2008

Did not install on 6.1 beta

During the install I got an error saying:
"Missing required modules for Plugin Spellchecker Ruby Language Bindings:
module org.netbeans.api.gsf/1 > 0.23.0"

Am I doing something wrong?
I'm running Mac OS X (Tiger) with the 6.1 beta for Ruby.
I was really looking forward to using this plugin. :(
Posted by danpipsp on Apr 05, 2008

check non-javadoc comments?

Excellent plugin - any chance of getting it to check in-line comments (both // and /*... */)?
Posted by josephkasprzyk on Mar 22, 2008

Does it work

I have installed it, but it doesn't work.
Posted by jockeeriksson@msn.com on Feb 04, 2008

Not that useful

It does spell check the javadoc comments. However, it would be nice if it did static strings also.
Posted by tom10550 on Jan 25, 2008


i agree with karmagfa there is no way to know ho use it
Posted by akqz on Jan 16, 2008

Spell Check Selected Text

Thanks for this plug in. I like the way it recognizes text that needs spell checking and the way it high lites them for correction. However, I am more concerned with the spelling of messages that are seen by my program's users. These are indistinguishable from other strings and, rather than checking all strings, it would be very convenient if I could select some text and use the spell checker by selecting it from a right click menu.
Posted by david@segall.net on Jan 16, 2008

How to use this module ?

I installed it and found nothing new in the IDE.
How to use it?
Posted by karmagfa on Dec 19, 2007

Other languages

Is possible to add other languages dictionaries?
Posted by rmserra on Dec 04, 2007

This is great plugin

This is a great plugin especially for people with spelling issue like myself. And I used it before for 5.5.

But my question is why it doesn't not show up in "Available Plugins" list?
Posted by minoleg on Oct 26, 2007