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Visual UML modeling and CASE tool with teamwork support and with code engineering mechanism support for various programming languages, as well as database schema modeling, DDL generation and reverse engineering facilities.

NetBeans Plugin - MagicDraw UML
Plugin owner: nbadmin
Added: 2006-01-02
License: commercial
Category: Modeling
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MagicDraw is a visual UML modeling and CASE tool with teamwork support. Designed for Business Analysts, Software Analysts, Programmers, QA Engineers, and Documentation Writers, this dynamic and versatile development tool facilitates analysis and design of Object Oriented (OO) systems and databases. It provides the industry's best code engineering mechanism, as well as database schema modeling, DDL generation and reverse engineering facilities.

MagicDraw provides a means for architectural view modeling: to define system and software architecture in all 4+1 views, and at different abstraction levels. MagicDraw automatically generates your model parts in accordance with established design patterns: GoF, Java, EJB, JUnit, XML Schema, WSDL, CORBA IDL, and any of your customizable patterns. With MagicDraw's visualization and analysis wizards, you can easily import an UML model from any source - XMI import or a reverse engineering operation- and visually display it.

Support for integrated modeling. With a few simple clicks, create an integrated development environment by meshing MagicDraw with NetBeans and Sun's Java Studio. With MagicDraw UML you may integrate your data models with business and OO models. UML profile for DDL enables mapping of relational concepts to UML elements. MagicDraw gives you a tool for generating and reversing DDL Scripts, retrieving Database Structure (Schema) via JDBC. The tool is suited for a wide variety of systems including real-time, client/server and distributed n-tier application design.

MagicDraw runs on a wide variety of operating systems, everywhere where Java 1.4 or 1.5 is supported. The following versions of this module are listed:

  • 10.5 Standard Edition
  • 10.5 Professional JAVA Edition
  • 10.5 Enterprise Edition

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