Ruby and Rails - plugin detail

Ruby for Netbeans provides all the basics expected from a full-featured Ruby IDE. Ruby for Netbeans also provides support for the Ruby on Rails web framework.

Plugin owner: enebo
Added: 2011-04-16
License: CDDL or GPLv2
Category: Programming Languages
Downloaded: 406,365 times
 4.65, by 42 users

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Download plugin   Download size: 39.03 MB   Last Update: 2015-06-18

What's new in this version

This was almost entirely just updating current feature set to run using NB 8 APIs. The exception is several refactoring bugs involving renaming of class,instance,or global variables. Also bug 242251 involving variable renaming has been resolved. ZIP archive repackaged to comply with NetBeans Plugin Portal Update Center requirements.

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification

Download plugin   Download size: 39.05 MB   Last Update: 2013-11-24

What's new in this version

This is a first stab at a stable version for Netbeans 7.4. The main changes for this version are:
  • Ruby 2.0 syntax highlighting
  • Internal changes to update plugin to run on Netbeans 7.4
  • Removal of Glassfish (was removed as module by Netbeans 7.4
  • More conversion to newer jruby-parser APIs (hopefully non-user visible change)

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification

Download plugin   Download size: 39.42 MB   Last Update: 2013-04-29

What's new in this version

This version has had extensive work to support Ruby 1.9 syntax support. It was a very surprising amount of work to add this support so please report any problems found to issue tracking system. The good news of this work is that updates for things like Ruby 2.0 syntax support should become much easier (2.0 support will be coming next after debugging new release issues). Additionally, this plugin now has been updated to ship with JRuby 1.7.3 and all of the non-Rails gems have been updated to their latest releases. The Rails gems themselves will be updated in a future release since changing those specific ones ends up breaking lots of tests. Some people running with earlier builds had issues with autocomplete locking up the IDE. I have never locally been able to reproduce this but I added a patch recently by Rocko Requin which hopefully resolves that problem. There is also another issue which I am unable to reproduce on my Windows machine. This may or may not still be an issue (several deprecations involving getURL() have been changed recently). Without a good reproduction I am not sure if this has been fixed or not. For those having installation issues once you unpack the zip file you must select 'All Files' as a filter and select all files that came in the zip file. There is an issue where plugins in Netbeans do not see OSGi bundles (and we have one in this version of Ruby support).

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification

Download plugin   Download size: 2.76 MB   Last Update: 2011-04-16

This plugin is also available on the NetBeans Plugin Portal Update Center. Use 'Tools > Plugins' action from the NetBeans IDE main menu for convenient installation of this plugin

What's new in this version

This version has no new features per se, but it is the first version which is released under community support and not from the main Netbeans development team.

Verifications for NetBeans versions

7.0 verification PASSED See verification details
Download plugin   Download size: 2.76 MB   Last Update: 2011-04-16

What's new in this version

This version has no new features per se, but it is the first version which is released under community support and not from the main Netbeans development team.

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification


Ruby for Netbeans provides all the basics needed in a full-featured Ruby IDE:
  • Editing
    • Ruby Source
    • RHTML Source
    • YAML
  • Debugging
  • Refactoring
It also provides support for Rails 2.3.x. With this support you can:
  • Create a Rails application
  • Invoke all the basic operations of Rails from IDE controls (migrations, generators, etc...)
  • Basic support for deploying to glassfish web-server

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User Comments


new version

This version which you told that is great for all, and after that, it is great to download. If you need it then you will do one thing you just visit
Posted by henrydevid on Nov 05, 2018

Syntax Highlighting, at least, works in incubator-netbeans-linux-243-on-20171128

Happy to observe that Syntax Highlighting works.
Posted by edburns on Nov 29, 2017

Working in 8.2

Version 8.0 works just fine in NB 8.2. Just make sure to install the jar as a plugin (change the defaut extension filter in the file dialog in NB when it asks for the files) and then install the remainging extension files
Posted by skaplon on Jun 19, 2017

A simple hack to add support for Puma

This modifies Netbeans to just run the "rails server" command instead of "rails server webrick" and to check for the puma startup string as well as the webrick startup strings, meaning you can run either webrick or puma.

Modify the ruby.railsprojects/src/org/netbeans/modules/ruby/railsprojects/server/ (ie in the Ruby on Rails Project Support sub-project):

a) Add a pattern for where Puma says 'Listening on tcp' to the STARTUP_PATTERNS array:

private static final Pattern[] STARTUP_PATTERNS = {
Pattern.compile(".*Rails.*application started on.+", Pattern.DOTALL),
// rails 2.3
Pattern.compile(".*WEBrick::HTTPServer#start:.*pid=.+", Pattern.DOTALL),
// Puma
Pattern.compile(".*Listening on tcp:.+", Pattern.DOTALL),

b) In getStartupParams(), don't force it to return webrick:

public List getStartupParams(RailsVersion version) {
if (version.isRails3OrHigher()) {
//return Arrays.asList("server", "webrick");
return Arrays.asList("server");
return Arrays.asList("webrick");

You then just need to build the plugin and install it in Netbeans (uninstall the existing Ruby and Rails plugin first if you have one, then restart Netbeans and go to Tools / Plugins / Downloaded and install the new build).

You can still force webrick to run by adding webrick as a server argument in the project properties (and presumably you could force Puma to run by making it a server argument).
Posted by rockorequin on Jan 30, 2017

Crystal and NB 8.2

Hi Enebo -- Netbeans 8.2 is upon us and the last supported version showing is 8.0. Will there be an update? Is teh source code somewhere accessible, like GitHub?

Secondly, I recommend adding Crystal language support. The only editor supporting it half-way helpful was Microsoft's Code/Atom, I'd much prefer to edit with Netbeans.
Posted by aplatypus on Nov 23, 2016

new update, new problems... like all the time

I don't know what's happen with dev team, because new update netbeans-8.2.1 break plugin for ruby and rails. After install new update and start, it asked for re-install old plugins (stupid question because people don't want to stop working on each new release... no one will answer: "no"). But in fact it failed to install them (because ruby and rails plugin has a .jar file to use).
Ok... i do it my self what devs of netbeans doesn't do well... all is now installed, and plugins has now to be activate (all user downloaded plugins has only one checkbox for all the team...),
Also, need to re-create rails project, and sure, failed session recorded (again... new update, everything fall down and need to be re-indicate, re configurated... WHY ? what is impossible to just take care of the old config ? just do it easy, and update will nopt be a time lost each time).

Ok... i just loose my time with new release, best should be to forbid netbeans to be updated for not loose tiume and session on project.

And, plugin for ruby and rails is old also, and only webrick, no puma, no other way with nginx or passenger... maybe next step should be to uninstall netbeans.
Posted by jerome___ on Oct 09, 2016

Having trouble getting started with debugging

I'm a bit stuck trying to figure out the debugger with a Ruby project that consists of files I ported to NetBeans (and a main.rb wrapper). If I go to Run | Run project, it kicks off main.rb, but if I go to Debug | Debug Project, I can't tell what it's doing.

I also have the Fast Debugger 0.4 issue (my ruby-debug-ide is 0.6.0) so I try to start with the slow debugger, to no avail. It just sits there with the message "ruby 2.3.1 debugger listens on port 49386" but shows no sign of doing anything.

Clearly I'm not understanding how to debug Ruby using an IDE. Is there a tutorial or doc that could get me up to speed?

NB IDE 8.0.2
Ruby 2.3.1p122
Posted by philipreed on Sep 08, 2016

8.1 Support?

Any idea on when support for 8.1 will be released, of if you have plans to release support for 8.1?
Posted by rdavid369 on May 09, 2016

Can we update the plugin to accept current versions of ruby-debug-ide?

"I changed the plugin to make the version check just look for 0.x, and it all works fine with the latest ruby-debug-ide, version 0.6.0. "

How have you modified the plugin? What? Where? Please advise.

I'd need exactly the same modification.
Posted by picman on Apr 27, 2016

Any plans to update this plugin for NetBeans 8.1?

Recently updated to 8.1, and the Ruby plugin no longer functions. This is still the best IDE for ROR in my opinion, so it would be nice to get a new version if it's already in the works. For now, I'll just boot up 8.0.2 for Ruby projects.
Posted by orbivision on Dec 20, 2015

Can we update the plugin to accept current versions of ruby-debug-ide?

Is there any reason this plugin still requires ruby-debug-ide 0.4.x to support fast debugging?

I changed the plugin to make the version check just look for 0.x, and it all works fine with the latest ruby-debug-ide, version 0.6.0.

NOTE: if you know how to build the plugin, the relevant code to change is in ruby.platform/src/org/netbeans/api/ruby/platform/ Look for the method "private Pattern getRequiredRDebugIDEVersionPattern()". If you change its code to search for version 0\\.\\* instead of 0\\.4\\.\\* it should work with any version of ruby-debug-ide up to 1.

(I added this note here because I can't for the life of me figure out how to add a new comment!)
Posted by rockorequin on Dec 02, 2015

Best Ruby IDE

IMO, provides the best Ruby IDE. Kicks the pants off of Aptana (and any other Eclipse-based implementation I've tried to use).
Posted by ncrause on Oct 29, 2015

Code completion does not work for rails

Code completion for rails does not work with netbeanans 7.3,but of ruby works.
Posted by Balita on Sep 04, 2015

Can't find Ruby plugin in Tools > Plugins menu

I just installed Netbeans 8.0.2. I attempted to install this plugin through the Plugins interface, but cannot find it. I looked at the Update Centers and downloaded the catalog.xml.gz files for each, but this plugin is not listed in any of them. The Update Centers that came with the base installation are "Certified Plugins", "Netbeans Distribution", and "Plugin Portal"; the last one seems to be the correct one for this plugin.

The Plugin Portal URL is , and it seems as though this, as a verified 8.0 plugin, should be visible there, but it's not listed. Why does the Plugin feed not include this plugin? Do I need to add a different Update Center?


EDIT: here is the non-zipped XML location.
Posted by vani_r on Jun 17, 2015

LOAD_PATH incorrectly constructed

I'm using NetBeans 8.0.2 with the Ruby plugin. The standard line of options for ruby constructed by NB appears to be based on the source and test folders listed in the project options for a ruby project, and should consist of an entry of -I"" for each listed folder. However, the last *source* folder and the first *test* folder are not separated by a space. I have two diagnostics here.

First, when I execute a file from the editor with Shift-F6, the Run File options window pops up. In the entry for "Ruby Options", there is no space between the two -I"" entries, while there are spaces separating all of the others. If I add an additional source folder in the project options as the last source folder, then there is no space between the newly added source folder and the first test folder.

Second, when I list out the LOAD_PATH from inside a program, the two folders have their entries awkwardly concatenated into a single string. Instead of appearing in the LOAD_PATH as
"", "",
they appear as
Predictably, neither path is accessible in the rest of the program.

Is there a simple fix for this, apart from the ugly workaround of having dummy folders listed as the last source folder and the first test folder?
Posted by brucetesar on Jun 11, 2015

Any rake task from contextual popup for ROR project

I got it from the output window.
Posted by robertleelittle on Jan 27, 2015

Re: Any rake task from contextual popup for ROR project

This is pretty odd. The only -K references in sources are -Ku for Ruby itself (which is long in the tooth but is not an error and not to bash) and -K for gem cert. I am guessing some exec utility in NB is perhaps parsing a command string wrongly? Did you get that from the logs of NB or paste it from console?
Posted by enebo on Jan 27, 2015

Any rake task from contextual popup for ROR project

When I try to "Migrate Database"->"to current version", or any rake task, I get this error message.

OS is MacOS X. Looks like a -K (uppercase) is being passed to bash. I think it should be a lower case since there is no -K (uppercase) option.


Rob Little.

- - - - - - - - - - - - E R R O R F O L L O W S - - - - - - - - - - - -

bash: -K: invalid option
Usage: bash [GNU long option] [option] ...
bash [GNU long option] [option] script-file ...
GNU long options:
Shell options:
-irsD or -c command or -O shopt_option (invocation only)
-abefhkmnptuvxBCHP or -o option
Posted by robertleelittle on Jan 26, 2015

Ruby 2.1 Required Keyword Arguments gives an error badge

The required keyword syntax:

def initialize(foo:, bar:)

Is giving the error badge with "unexpected ','"

whereas the form with a default value:

def initialize(foo: "def", bar: "ault")

does not.
Posted by rbbicknell on Jan 13, 2015

Problem with example project

Hey there, I have a problem with the example project (Depot Application). When I run the task to migrate the database, there is an error:

* config.breakpoint_server has been deprecated and has no effect. *

rake aborted!
no such file to load -- db/migrate//001_create_products.rb
org/jruby/ `load'
org/jruby/ `call'
org/jruby/ `each'
org/jruby/ `call'
org/jruby/ `each'
org/jruby/ `each'
org/jruby/ `load'
Tasks: TOP => db:migrate
Click here to rerun the task with tracing enabled

Any idea how I can fix that?

system: Netbeans 8.0.1, Ubuntu 14.04

Oh, and: In the rakefile it has to be "require 'rdoc/task'" because require 'rake/rdoctask'" isn't supported anymore.
Posted by flonski on Oct 12, 2014

RVM support

Unfortunately RVM isn't supported yet.
There's a writeup by Alan Skorkin which is pointed to from the RVM homepage (under Integration/NetBeans)
Alans solution works as long as you don't have different gemsets for one and the same Ruby version.

Having this problem myself I found the following solution:

NetBeans 8.0 stores the RubyPlatforms (among other things) in
~/.netbeans/8.0/ RubyPlatforms are at the end of this file.
Each Ruby has 10 lines, JRubies have 11 lines each.
To create a new entry you can either copy a block of lines and edit it accordingly or you could even try Alans method.
Using Alans method reveals the problem: A newly created entry for the same Ruby and a different gemset will not be visible in the Platforms configuration.
Why not?

All platform entries MUST point to different interpreters!
Also, you want to see different names in the list of platforms.

To solve this,

* create an alias for your ruby with a different name using rvm (this will just create symbolic links)
* use the alias-name for your ruby in the interpreter path e.g. rubyplatform.Ruby_01.interpreter=/home/hans/.rvm/rubies/alias-name/bin/ruby
* set a nice unique name, e.g. rubyplatform.Ruby_01.ruby_kind=MyRuby-my-gemset

Take care to adapt the other paths accordingly! Use rvm info to see what you need.
Posted by hans_artmann on Aug 22, 2014

Jruby and compatibility mode

First of all, let me say I'm very pleased how nice the the RoR plugin v0.111 still works in NB 8.0! This is awesome.

This one is a small problem but it's bugging me although I guess there must be a simple solution: To set jruby compatibility mode on a per project basis there should either be a possibility
. to set an environment variable defined in the project configuration or
. NetBeans could honour the Ruby version set in or
. NetBeans could read .jrubyrc from the projeect directory

Can I at least set JRUBY_OPTS without restarting NetBeans?
Any idea?
Posted by hans_artmann on Aug 22, 2014

org.jruby.jruby plugin required and not found

I had this problem. I found the answer on StackOverflow

Which says :

When you select your plugins from the unzipped folder, make very sure to change the "Files of Type" filter to "All", so that you can include the JRuby JAR

I added the jar like it was an nbm file and everything installed.
Posted by wshackleAtGmail on Aug 15, 2014

org.jruby.jruby plugin required and not found. How to solve this? Anyone?

Netbeans 8.0

downloaded the plugin above for ruby on rails and couldn't successfully install it. It requires org.jruby.ruby plugin. How to get that??
Posted by MeronJ00980 on Aug 15, 2014

RSpec spec location

Just started using NetBeans & Ruby.

Just a quick question - if I create my _spec.rb files in the same location as the .rb files then I can run them fine (right click on project --> RSpec Test).

If I create them under "RSpec Files" then running RSpec test does nothing.

How do I get the files under "RSpec Files" to be run by "RSpec Test"?
Posted by crush on Aug 05, 2014

downloaded plug in but error

Where can I find this plug in?

plugin org.netbeans.libs.yydebug

When I try to install Ruby support it says I need this to be installed as well. Thank you!
Posted by SunLightGirl99 on Jul 05, 2014

NB 8 Windows Install

I found that in order to install on windows I needed to have the extracted folder in a local web root, and use a local web address pointing to updates.xml rather than the file:// address.

I also had to create a mime type mapping for .nbm as application/x-nbm per
Posted by Geoff_C on Jun 27, 2014

Re: Re: Debbugging with Ruby 1.9.3/Rails 3.0.20

Hi di97msgd,
at last I had time to do some tests with your suggestion.
It seems that there are some problem with Ruby 1.9.3 and debugger,
because nothing happens when debugging Rails project (breakpoints won't halt the execution) and stopping the debug session gave shows an exception in rails console.
Thanks anyway!
Posted by TuxmAL on Jun 11, 2014

Re: Debbugging with Ruby 1.9.3/Rails 3.0.20

I don't know if this helps, but I have 2 environments were debugging works:
ruby 2.0.0p353 (2013-11-22) [x86_64-linux]
Rails 3.2.17
debugger (1.6.6) #Don't seem to be needed
debugger-linecache (1.2.0)
debugger-ruby_core_source (1.3.4)
ruby-debug-ide (0.4.23.beta1)
ruby 1.8.7 (2011-06-30 patchlevel 352) [x86_64-linux]
Rails 3.0.20
ruby-debug-base (0.10.5.rc9, 0.10.4)
ruby-debug-ide (0.4.23.beta1, 0.4.22)
Posted by di97msgd on Jun 03, 2014

Debbugging with Ruby 1.9.3/Rails 3.0.20

With Netbeans 8.0, Ruby 1.9.3p484 and Rails 3.0.20 (on x86_64 linux platform) I'm unable to debug Rails application because the new debugger gem 'debugger' seems not supported, whereas using old ruby-debugger-ide19 gem (with all the dependencies needed) gave me great troubles (see: ).

Does anyone had already resolved this issue?
Posted by TuxmAL on May 29, 2014

Install for Marvin357

To install this plugin, you should unzip the plugin, go to Tools > Plugins > Settings tab > Add button > URL: "file:///updates/updates.xml" When you added the update center, go to the Available plugins tab, check for newest, and select Ruby and Rails.
Posted by aminhotob on May 23, 2014

Complete Noob

Someone please help..I am new to NetBeans 8 which I have installed on Linux Ubuntu 12.04. I have downloaded the Ruby on Rails Plugin and cannot figure out how to install it..any info will be useful..Thx in advance.
Posted by Marvin357 on May 20, 2014

plugin works w/ netbeans 8.0

FYI the plugin works w/ latest version of netbeans on Ubuntu 13.10,x86_64

I've imported plugin from previous NB 7.4
But some part didn't work.

I had to install the whole plugin again and Netbeans takes only what it needs : JRuby and another thing
Afterward I've re-activated ruby on rail plugin and all seems to work.
Posted by dey on Mar 22, 2014

Install rails plugin

I have downloaded and installed the rails plugin but cannot see it in the list of installed plugins and rails does not show up as an option in the New Project in Netbeans. I originally thought it was because I used the X64 version of Netbeans but installing the X86 version has not made any difference. I must be doing something wrong but cannot see what it is.

Thanks for your help
Posted by Chris-Cann on Mar 08, 2014

UTF-8 encoding problem

Hi enebo,
It should be a Windows's poltergeist. I reinstalled NetBeans and now work find. '-J-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8' is still necesary to display correctly spanish characters like 'ñ' in the NetBeans Output.
Posted by s_48k on Feb 13, 2014

Re: UTF-8 encoding problem

Can you tell how the data is being encoded? Out of all the possible encodings I would have thought UTF-8 the most likely to just work.
Posted by enebo on Feb 12, 2014

UTF-8 encoding problem

Hi, I can't create ruby files (in a ruby app) encoding with UTF-8. I have setting UTF-8 in the project properties and added '-J-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8' to the config file. I experimented this problem with version netbeans 7.4. With 6.9.1 no problems with encoding. Any idea?
Thanks in advance.
Posted by s_48k on Feb 12, 2014

Re: 7.4 plugin is missing JRubyParser

I can see that the downloadable version does have the jrubyparser jar so I am wondering if perhaps you did not select all files and not just all .nbms? Many people have installed this (myself included) after fresh nb 7.4 installs so I am wondering what might have caused this.

jrubyparser.jar is not stored in the source it is downloaded as part of the build (see external/binaries-list). It is a netbeans thing.
Posted by enebo on Dec 31, 2013

7.4 plugin is missing JRubyParser?

I tried the 7.4 plugin, and it gives the error "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jrubyparser/parser/Ruby20Parser", and navigation and syntax highlighting don't work.

I checked out the plugin source and it looks like the libs.jrubyparser/external/jrubyparser-0.5.3.jar file is missing.

So I checked out the jrubyparser source from, built it, and copied the output jar file into libs.jrubyparser/external/jrubyparser-0.5.3.jar, rebuilt and repackaged the plugin, reinstalled it, and now it is working.
Posted by rockorequin on Dec 30, 2013

...about breakpoints in development mode


I can debug at normal speed (inserting breakpoint) in ruby 1.8.7/rails 2.x and in ruby 1.9.2 / rails 3.x

I'm on Ubuntu 12.10 - java 1.7.0_45 - netbeans 7.4
Posted by giates on Dec 12, 2013

Breakpoints in development mode

When I used breakpoint in development mode, everything became really slow, for instance opening self -> attributes came up with nothing after some minutes and it stopped stopping for breakpoints after that.
It seems to work better in production mode.
Posted by mgard on Dec 09, 2013

7.4 version works !

Hi Enebo,

I've just installed the 7.4 version and tried on a Rails 2.3.18 project with ruby 1.8.7-p320: it works great (I can debug too !!!)

Many, many, many thanks for the 7.4 release !

Have a nice day !
Posted by giates on Dec 02, 2013

actual latest source code for plugin

Am I right that source code for the plugin could be found at
I'm afraid do not see changes in that repository related 7.3 plugin version available for download.
Is it supposed 7.3, 7.4 changes will be|are there as well?

My netbeans plugin (support for custom ruby dsl) depends on ruby. I'd like to investigate some issues after upgrade to 7.3 and 7.4 nb versions.
Posted by uujava on Nov 09, 2013

7.4 version

Sorry I updated the code base to allow Ruby 2.0 syntax and to use a newer jruby-parser and I am bogged down with other work and about 5 regressions. I will try and find some time this week to at least knock those last regressions down. That is the main problem with putting out a release atm.
Posted by enebo on Nov 04, 2013

Plugin issue in nb 7.4


I've tried to install the plugin into nb 7.4, the installation has been successfully done but after the restart of the IDE my JEE6 projects say that there are missing server problem, they can't see glassfish anymore and there are no ways to register glassfish server (glassfish is present into services tab but the projects don't see it), if I uninstall the plugin and restart the IDE my JEE6 projects return to work good !

Any news about a working plugin for 7.4 version ?
Posted by giates on Nov 04, 2013

Ruby on Rails in Netbeans 7.4

open64 The 7.3 plugin still works. But then it throws quite a few errors during usage. But it will do until update is released.
Posted by jjordaan on Oct 30, 2013

Ruby on Rails in Netbeans 7.4

When will be support for Netbeants 7.4?
Posted by open64 on Oct 27, 2013

Support for Rails 4.0

Will there be support for rails 4.0
Posted by cwilhelm68 on Oct 16, 2013

Beware Gotcha

Yes so I managed to instal the plugins as below. The thing that caught me out is that most of the plugins are 'nbm' files but one is a 'jar'. You need to install all of the files to make this work not just the 'nbm's otherwise you get dependency issues

Now I'm happy to be running the 7.3 IDE on my ruby projects. I had been using 6.9.1 and have only just made the leap.
Posted by mwr256 on Oct 07, 2013

Got it!

So instead I went to Tools> Downloaded> Add Plugins...

Then i highlighted al of the files from the unzipped folder for the Ruby plugin. I added it on and it seems to be fine.

Has anyone else done this?
Posted by davs54388 on Oct 05, 2013

Plugin install

When I go to install the plugin, I go to Tools>Plugins. Then I click on the Settings tab and click Add. Once I enter the file path: file:///Users/xxxx/Desktop/updates a message pops up that says:

Warning: Unable to connect to the Ruby plugin because of Unexpected closed connection to file:/Users/xxxxx/Desktop/updates

Then in a box right below that it also says:

Check your proxy settings or try again later. The server may be unavailable at the moment. You may also want to make sure that your firewall is not blocking network traffic.

And it gives me buttons on the bottom that say proxy configuration... try again and cancel

Someone please help!
Thank you!
Posted by davs54388 on Oct 05, 2013


I have installed gem ruby-debug-ide, running Netbeans 7.3.1 on OpenSUSE 12.3 64bit. When I try to run the debugger, netbeans reports that it cannot find rdebug-ide.
Posted by vrmartin2 on Sep 22, 2013

Re: Rake Tasks Failed To fetch

The resolution of Rake is based on the Ruby it thinks it is using. There is a RubyPlatform object which returns rake path based on Ruby used. Perhaps in properties of project try and switch Ruby to a different version and see if it corrects?
Posted by enebo on Sep 13, 2013

Re: Rake Tasks Failed To fetch


I've removed all references earlier versions of rake. It seems netbeans is finding a old version of rake, but not sure where. maybe it's a PATH issue? Any hints where to look in code for mac osx?

BTW, I tried it on another mac osx system and I have the same problem.
Posted by cwilhelm68 on Sep 13, 2013

Re: Rake Tasks Failed To fetch

Hmmm that was my guess and for sure if you end up using <10 I now realize it will not work. Perhaps there is a second issue?
Posted by enebo on Sep 13, 2013

Re: Rake Tasks Failed To fetch


I'm using rake 10.1.0. that seems to be the latest.

Posted by cwilhelm68 on Sep 13, 2013

Re: Rake Tasks Failed To fetch

Oh crud... -A was only added to rake 10 and higher. If you upgrade rake to a more recent version it will work for the Ruby version it is not working in. That was an unintended consequence :(
Posted by enebo on Sep 13, 2013

Rake Tasks Failed To fetch


I'm on Mac OSX 10.8 with netbeans 7.3.1, ruby 1.9.3 and rails 3.2 or rails 4. Everything seems to working great except rakes tasks with the IDE. Refreshing tasks or when creating a new Rails project a message appears 'Rake task fetching failed with (working dir: ...) invalid option -A

Running rake -D in the project directory shows the list of rake tasks. My project is also setup to use the correct version of ruby, 1.9.3

It doesn't appear to occur with ruby 1.8.7 and rails 3.2 or rails 2.3

Any ideas to get the rake tasks working in Netbeans.
Posted by cwilhelm68 on Sep 13, 2013

The Ruby editor does not treat some new Ruby syntaxes correctly


The current Ruby editor does not treat correctly the following syntaxes:

1. { id: "foo", class: "bar" }

It doesn't interprete the word "class" as a hash key, but as the key word for class definition.
We can't format the source code including such hashes with Alt-Shift-F.

2. %i(foo bar)

This is Ruby 2.0 symbol array syntax. It should be treated like as %w() or %q().

Thanks in advance.
Posted by tkrd_oiax on Sep 05, 2013

A subtle but annoying bug on the ERB editor

Hi, enebo

I have experienced a subtle bug on the ERB editor of NetBeans for several versions including 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4 Beta and finally found a clue of its cause.

It seems that the bug is related the handling of form_for method.

I wrote a blog entry on this bug and explained how to reproduce it:

I hope this helps you.
Posted by tkrd_oiax on Aug 24, 2013

Re: Rails 4 Support

Yeah, I would like to add enough support for next release to at least run basic Rails commands. Rails support needs some love and I suspect the command-line invocation will be one of several things to update.
Posted by enebo on Aug 21, 2013

Rails 4 support

Hi, I wonder if Rails 4 will be supported in Netbeans by this plugin?
When I try to Run a Rails 4 project, I get:
C:\Ruby200_247\bin\ruby.exe: No such file or directory -- script/rails (LoadError)
and that is correct, in Rails 4 it looks like it should be bin/rails instead of script/rails.
The same thing happens if I try to debug a Rails 4 project.
Maybe there is a really simple solution?

I found a simple workaround, I'm using Windows 7 and created a symbolic link between directories like this:
mklink /D script bin
Now I can start and debug my Rails 4 project in Netbeans.
Posted by mgard on Aug 19, 2013

you must login to download the plugin

I can't find the download link.
So I tried to register and log in, Then I found the download button.
Posted by deping_chen on Aug 04, 2013

Re: Code completion does not work on modules ?

Ok this is strange. I can confirm that what you describe is broken, but if I require a file which has that structure that second file can complete on the module. So it is something about the current file not picking up this indexing info.

I opened:

Thanks for reporting this.
Posted by enebo on Jul 26, 2013

Code completion does not work on modules ?


Code completion for modules worked in NB 6.91, but it seems not to work for modules in 7.3 and the new plug-in.

For a nested module definition like the following...

module Foo
module Bar
module Zee



..would prompt the available code completion of Bar and Zee in 6.91, but it is not presented in 7.3.

Does anyone else notice this? Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? I'm using the latest download (2013-04-29)

Posted by phylroy.lopez on Jul 25, 2013

Thank you!

Hey, finally just got this working with 7.3 and I just wanted to thank you guys for your continued efforts maintaining the Ruby/Rails plugin. It works great for me so far, and I'm running a very old Ruby/Rails/rdebug stack, but it still works fine with the netbeans debugger!:

Ruby 1.8.6 p420
Rails 1.2.3
ruby-debug (0.10.3)
ruby-debug-base (0.10.3)
ruby-debug-ide (0.4.6)

I also chose the following install-route to make things work, since the dialogue gets weird about the jruby package being a .jar file and not an .nbm file:

--- --- --- ---

go to the plugins->settings tab, and add a new "Update Center" with a url of the form:-

Posted by sikanrong on Jun 07, 2013

Ruby 7.3 win7 installation steps

Install issue resolved - complete steps - may work on XP as well.

A. Download the plug-in - extract it rename the folder to remove "_" - calling the folder as X

B. Go to Plug-ins "Downloaded tab" Click "Add Plugins" button

C. Browse and select all the "*.nbm" files from the X folder

D. Also, select the "org-jruby-jruby.jar" from the X folder

E. continue install - requires a restart accept it

F. This installation takes some time so take a break

this will solve the org-jruby-jruby requirement as well.
Posted by RubyHelp on May 10, 2013

Easy installation

I found the easiest way to install was to go to the plugins->settings tab, and add a new "Update Center" with a url of the form:-


Do a refresh and then it all appears it the list of plug ins.

I found it easier than using the "downloaded" tab.
Posted by nichot20 on May 03, 2013

Re: Still can't install it

Don't rename that file just change the file dialogue to show all files and select it named as org-jruby-jruby.jar.
Posted by enebo on May 01, 2013

Still can't install it

Renamed the jar file to nbm but of course it's not that easy. I get a timeout when it tries to install the plugin. All others seemed to install successfully. (The file in question is org-jruby-jruby.jar)

NM, just selected OSGI jar files from the "Add" dialog and it worked.
Posted by eggmatters on May 01, 2013

Download fixed

The broken downloads is a complete mystery and the webmaster did not respond so I just re-uploaded the .zip I uploaded on April 4 back up.

For those having issues installing once you unzip the download change the file dialogue from '.nbm files' to all files and select entire contents of unzipped directory.
Posted by enebo on Apr 29, 2013

Re: Can't download plugin

Still not there as of 10.15 UTC today!

what is the recommended install process for this version? (Several different ideas, with varying degrees of success are mentioned below)
Posted by nichot20 on Apr 29, 2013

Re: Can't download plugin

I have reported the issue and worst case I will re-upload the binary. This was just working in the last day or two so it is probably a small hiccup which will be resolved soon.
Posted by enebo on Apr 26, 2013

Can't download plugin


Plugin file missing on the file system.
Please inform webmaster
Posted by angelchen1111 on Apr 26, 2013

Re: Glassfish error

Glassfish module may need to be replaced with Puma,Trinidad, or Torquebox for Netbeans support. I have not tried Glassfish in a while but it has been unsupported for over 3? years now so I suspect the problem you are seeing is from dependent modules no longer working well with Glassfish.
Posted by enebo on Apr 24, 2013

Glassfish error

I'm not able to make it run each time I try to run on Glassfish, I get an error
SEVERE : module type not recognized

Any idea , what did I miss
Posted by snailgp on Apr 23, 2013

Love it!

I have always devved with NB in favor of eclipse.
Now that I needed to switch from PHP to Rails i tried Rubymine. But it does not live up to it's promise, so may not be worth it's money.

These plugins make me happy and want to help. I have no Java exp. but I can test and translate....
Posted by E_lexy on Apr 18, 2013

Re: Don't stop at breakpoints

Now it actually works with breakpoints and debugging on my windows machine with the 7.3 version of the plugin!
Posted by mgard on Apr 11, 2013


It works. That's ... subtil.

Thank you !
Posted by bugmenot1 on Apr 10, 2013

Re: I can't install it

This should be the answer:

"The add plug-in dialogue defaults to *.nbm files only. One of the 7.3 plug-in files is *.jar, and that needs to be added as well as the nbm files."

Unfortunately, plugins did not widen their file dialogue to choose both .nbm and .jar files.
Posted by enebo on Apr 10, 2013

I can't install it

I can't install it. I have this error :
"The plugin named org.jruby.jruby is needed and not found.".

It's on a fresh downloaded and installed full Netbeans, Linux Mint 14.
Posted by bugmenot1 on Apr 10, 2013

Re: Installation Issue

Jesse, Any chance you can bug the proper people on fixing this? I could rewrap that bundle as an nbm but it would literally be to workaround this issue since there is no source in the module. Perhaps I should rewrap it as a module again just to prevent this frustration but then I would need to figure out how to :)
Posted by enebo on Apr 10, 2013

Installation issue

Was not able to install this properly. First, the Plugin Manager » Downloaded tab does not accept the OSGi bundle (*.jar). OK, so I temporarily added the updates.xml as a file-protocol URL update center, then installed that way. That worked initially; but now I have deleted that NB installation and replaced it with a fresh dev build (which I do regularly), and after restarting the OSGi bundle is missing and so the plugin gets disabled. I think the issue was that the bundle got dropped into some cluster in the IDE installation rather than my user directory.

Seems like the work to allow OSGi interoperability with the plugin manager is still not done!
Posted by jglick on Apr 10, 2013

Re: Don't stop at breakpoints

@mgard: You shouldn't need to fix anything (ie in if you use the latest plugin that now works with Netbeans 7.3.

If for some reason you do still want to play with the source code, you can obtain it with this command (the example is for a Linux system, assuming you already have Mercurial installed):

hg clone

You can then open the folder that hg creates (ie community-ruby) in Netbeans 7.3 and double-click on the module that you are interested in to open it and see its source files, eg Ruby Debugger. The community-ruby project will build and run/debug using the standard Netbeans menu commands, and there are project commands under "Project / Package As" to create the package files (eg the NBMs) that you can install in Netbeans via Tools / Plugins / Downloaded.
Posted by rockorequin on Apr 07, 2013

Install both *.nbm and *.jar files

The add plug-in dialogue defaults to *.nbm files only. One of the 7.3 plug-in files is *.jar, and that needs to be added as well as the nbm files.

Once that's done it all works a treat.
Posted by reggieb on Apr 05, 2013

Don't stop at breakpoints

rockorequin, you said:
And debugging doesn't work because String path, final boolean debug) sets both clientDebug and serverDebug to false, and the code that sets them to true is commented out (which begs the question, why?). Setting them to true allows debugging again.
How can I fix that fault myself, do I have to build something or is there a simpler solution?
Posted by mgard on Feb 20, 2013

Netbeans 7.2 Plugin Available

FYI: Just found the 7.2 ROR plugin available under a different name: ruby-rails.

Someone may want to combine them into one pluggin page.

For those who were looking for it here it is:

Posted by robertleelittle on Dec 18, 2012

Re: Debugging can't get running

@euwero: debugging can be a pain to get running with ruby1.9. Some things to check:

1. The 'stable' debug gems don't work with ruby1.9. The best gems I've found are:

linecache19 v0.5.13 (which presumably you have)

ruby-debug-base19x v0.11.30.pre10 (install with: gem install ruby-debug-base19x --pre)

ruby-debug-ide v0.4.17.beta14 (install with: gem install ruby-debug-ide --pre)

You might need to uninstall the other debug gems in case they conflict.

2. You don't need anything in your Gemfile to get it to run, in fact I recommend you remove all those debug gems from it, because I had issues with bundler trying to install the --pre versions of the gems.

3. If you're using rvm, when you set up the ruby env in NetBeans' Project Properties, you need to get the paths exactly right. If you run NetBeans from the command line with the rvm env set up, it will auto-detect the env, but it auto-detects two envs, one of which isn't correct, so you need to figure out which one and delete it.
Posted by rockorequin on Dec 03, 2012

Variables in HEX format

Is there an option to see variables (while debugging) in HEX format?
Posted by michaelst on Nov 13, 2012

Debugging can't get running

My system:
$ uname -a
Linux pc 3.0.0-26-generic #43-Ubuntu SMP Tue Sep 25 17:19:22 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

$ ruby -v
ruby 1.9.3p286 (2012-10-12 revision 37165) [x86_64-linux]

$ rails -v
Rails 3.2.8

rvm -v

rvm 1.16.17 (master) by Wayne E. Seguin , Michal Papis []

$ gem -v

NetBeansIDE 7.1.1
This plugin.

In Gemfile
gem 'linecache19', '0.5.13'
gem 'ruby-debug-base19', '0.11.26'
gem 'ruby-debug19', :require => 'ruby-debug'

ruby-debug-ide19 (0.4.12) installed.

After starting debugger I get:

Fast Debugger (ruby-debug-ide 0.4.9) listens on :38457
/home/user1/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p286/gems/ruby-debug19-0.11.6/cli/ruby-debug/interface.rb:128:in `'
Uncaught exception: superclass mismatch for class RemoteInterface

Is there a solution to get debugging runnig for me.

Posted by euwero on Nov 07, 2012

Re: Editor lockup during code completion

The first workaround I put in (check for Kind.EXACT and return without querying) prevents code navigation for classes from working, eg if I have a class called Test and CTRL-click on the word Test, netbeans doesn't open the test.rb file.

So a better workaround is to put this line in

result.addAll(querySupport.query(key, name, kind, fieldsToLoad));

in a newly-started thread, and join to the newly-started thread with a timeout (eg 100 ms seems to be OK). If the new thread times out, the search query will still timeout waiting and still return, so the editor never locks up. And this seems to free up the newly-started thread within a second or two.

With this workaround, when you first type the dot after your class (eg "Test.") netbeans often doesn't show any code completion, but hitting CTRL-space usually makes the code completion appear.

The problem btw is set up during indexing but only appears when you try to do code completion. If I disable Kind.EXACT searches in indexing, the editor never hangs, and it never hangs during indexing if I don't disable them. If I disable them only during code completion, it usually hangs right after I type the dot after my class name.

Another btw: I fixed the issue where is does not not run the browser when you click on debug by setting only serverDebug to true in String path, final boolean debug).

Another btw: Would it be worth bundling JRuby 1.7 with the plugin instead of 1.6.6 ?
Posted by rockorequin on Oct 25, 2012

Re: Editor lockup during code completion

Additional to my last comment, I found when I did a clean-and-build that I also had to edit the properties for Ruby-Projects and add my repackaged o.jruby.complete project as a dependency, or it fails to compile.

And debugging doesn't work because String path, final boolean debug) sets both clientDebug and serverDebug to false, and the code that sets them to true is commented out (which begs the question, why?). Setting them to true allows debugging again.

Other issues I've noticed:

1. When the debugger runs, it doesn't open a browser; I have to manually navigate to localhost:3000.

2. When you first load a Rails3 project and set it to use a native ruby environment (I use the fast debugger ruby-debug-ide 0.4.17.beta14, ruby-debug-base 0.11.30.pre10), trying to run it complains that it can't find script/server. If you restart netbeans, it works, though, so it must be caching something. I think netbeans 7.1.2 also had this issue.
Posted by rockorequin on Oct 21, 2012

Re: Editor lockup during code completion

@enebo: Oh no, I was kind of hoping you would know how the nb indexing worked!

I fixed the build itself:

1. The first issue I hit was a 'dependent module junit4 is not installed' error, which is due to the bug The workaround is to install netbeans as root, then run it once with "sudo -i /usr/local/netbeans-7.2/bin/netbeans" to make it install junit4 in /usr/local instead of your home folder.

2. After this, when I tried to build the project, it complained that the com-jcraft-jsch, org-apache-commons-httpclient, org-apache-commons-io modules were missing. The jar files for these are all in /usr/local/netbeans-7.2/platform/modules, and so I created library wrapper projects for them as described in I also created wrapper libraries for com-jcraft-jzlib and org-apache-commons-logging. This was enough to get it to build, even though the Project Properties / Libraries complained about incompatible specification versions for the wrapper libraries.

3. The "package as NBMs" command created 22 plugins, but not the org-jruby-jruby.nbm module, which the "Ruby Projects" module required, so I couldn't install the plugins in Netbeans. I manually copied the jruby-complete- file from the o.jruby.complete project module to another folder, then deleted the o.jruby.complete project and made a new wrapper project for jruby-complete- with codebase org.jruby.jruby. After running "package as NBMs", all 23 NBM packages were created and I was finally able to install them.

Right now it seems to be all working (and not locking up), except that my breakpoints don't work, so I guess it's not connecting to the debugger properly. I'm using ruby-debug-ide 0.4.17.beta14 because the earlier version doesn't work with Rails3/ruby1.9 properly, but the nb-ruby plugin specified version 0.4.10, I think. Would that cause problems?
Posted by rockorequin on Oct 21, 2012

Re: Editor lockup during code completion

Did you copy jsch manually or have you fixed the build itself? I have continually gotten stuck with the current ant build and I am seriously considering converting this to a maven build since then dep management would be understood by most of us.

I don't know how nb indexing works at all but it is all built on top of core NB APIs so looking at what RubyIndex extends might help give a clue or two (I hope).
Posted by enebo on Oct 20, 2012

Editor lockup during code completion

The plugin was updated for 7.2 some time ago... it took me a long time to figure out how to build it (I got all sorts of errors like "junit4 is not installed", "com-jcraft-jsch, org-apache-commons-httpclient, org-apache-commons-io modules are missing", and it doesn't build the org-jruby-jruby.nbm plugin - I logged how I fixed all these in a comment at

When I finally got it working though, invoking code completion would invariably lock up the editor.

The problem is in the class RubyCodeCompleter where it calls RubyIndex: in the search method, the the line "result.addAll(querySupport.query(key, name, kind, fieldsToLoad));" at some point fails to return from the query method.

This appears to only happen if kind == Kind.EXACT, so adding the test "if (kind == Kind.EXACT) return true;" stops the lockup from happening.

But I guess this probably breaks something in the code completion. Does anyone know what is supposed to be happening and why it locks up, ie what would a proper fix be for this?
Posted by rockorequin on Oct 19, 2012

Yeah, this is known bug

@nichot20 yeah i know this plugin is still for 7.1. I talked with @enebo and he said he finding a solution for this problem. Stay tuned, and when new plugin is becomes available (and will not be imported to the NB plugin repo) I will update components on nbruby.
Posted by hron84 on Aug 18, 2012

7.2 has broken the plug in again...

Loved the Update centre, worked a treat for me.

Now though 7.2 is out, gave it a try, but the plugin refused to install due to lots of HTML editor version incompatibilities.. :(

This is a real shame as, along with others, I have found Netbeans to be the best IDE for Ruby.
Posted by nichot20 on Jul 31, 2012

Ruby / RoR shell

For anyone interested, I've created a simple console plugin to handle I/O via cmd.exe.

If you are on windows, this will let you run a terminal using the windows system prompt (cmd.exe) as your shell (e.g. for rails dev) without having to install anything else.

It is still a work in progress, but so far it serves my needs. Any help, bug fixes, comments or suggestions are more than welcome. Enjoy!

Download @
Posted by fungl164 on Jun 08, 2012

NBRuby Update Center

Until @enebo provides us a working release I created an Update center based on preview zip for this plugin to make installation easier.

To add this Update Center please do following:

1) Under Tools -> Plugins -> Settings, press Add
2) Fill Name with whatever you can recognize
3) Enter to the URL field
4) Press OK

Now you can select Ruby on Rails again in Plugins view.

This is contains exactly same content what @enebo provided us via just makes installation easier.
Posted by hron84 on Mar 30, 2012


Has anyone been able to run rspec tests? I am on netbeans 7.1.1 and this is what I get when I run rspec

ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems.rb:314:in `bin_path': can't find gem rspec (>= 0) with executable spec (Gem::GemNotFoundException)
from /usr/bin/spec:19
Posted by theyaa on Mar 29, 2012

Thin support


Adding thin support at the same level and mongrel or glassfish should be reasonably easy. Biggest issue in adding it is recognizing when it has fully started up. The rest looks easy.
Posted by enebo on Mar 28, 2012

7.1.1 okay!

zipped plugins on blog page from link below work for me on 7.1.1 -

Thanks a lot!!
Posted by groovehunter on Mar 28, 2012

Thin server

Is there a chance to add Thin server to the list of selectable servers? I read it is lighter and has better performance than Mongrel and WebRick.

Posted by theyaa on Mar 26, 2012

Re: Abandoned

Actually, perhaps a better term is very slow vs abandoned. I'm sorry I did not see your earlier comment. The current progress is that it has been updated to use jruby 1.6.7 and it now also uses OSGi support so updating JRuby versions should become much much easier, but it is not fit for release.

This is an slightly older build, but this should allow you to install a working version on 7.1.1 as well as 7.1 (let me know if not):

I will try to get something through QA soon :(
Posted by enebo on Mar 21, 2012


Sadly, it seems like this plugin have been totally abandoned. No one from the dev team comes here to respond to comments to post news about the progress on this plugin.

Developing RoR with netbeans has been the best out there. I hope the dev team will come back to provide us with help and eventually a new version of this plugin.
Posted by theyaa on Mar 21, 2012

Installation of Plugin de Ruby in NetBeans

Hello friendly they are new in NetBeans unloads version 7.1.1 and when installing plugin of Ruby gives the following error me:

Some plugins need that plugin Library of the Publishing HTML is installed.

Plugin Library of the Publishing HTML asks for in the version > = 1,21 (version 1 release) but 2.0.1 (of version different from 1) only were.

The following complement to fuer affected: Embedded Ruby (RHTML)

Posted by jduenas on Mar 21, 2012

This is for 7.1

The provided link below is for netbeans 7.1, is there a new one for 7.1.1.

Plus, the last update to this plugin is nearly 1 year ago, will you be releasing a new one?

Posted by theyaa on Mar 09, 2012

Ruby and Rails plugin for NetBeans 7.1.1
Posted by robomon on Mar 09, 2012

Support under NetBeans 7.1.1 ?

Hi all,

i tried to install this plugin but it didnt' work.
When will be a version for NB 7.1.1 available?

Posted by aschuste on Mar 06, 2012

Ruby and Rails plugin does not load on netbeans 7.1.1

I have this plugin working on netbeans 7.1, MAC. I installed netbeans 7.1.1 and when it launched it asked me if I want to import the settings from 7.1, I agreed but it did not import the settings. Any suggestions?
Posted by theyaa on Mar 05, 2012

Netbeans 7.1.1 is out.

Hi All,
Netbeans 7.1.1 is out, any updates to this plugin?

Posted by theyaa on Mar 05, 2012

uninitialized constant Test::Unit::TestCase::SUBCLASSES

I am trying run unit test but it ends on this error:
/.netbeans/7.1/nb_test_mediator.rb:114:in `add_to_suites': uninitialized constant Test::Unit::TestCase::SUBCLASSES (NameError)

Google does not provide any solution :(
Posted by pepa.chmel on Feb 13, 2012

Rails 2.3 support on NB7.1?

I just tried to create project from existing source of 2.3.x and it still shows 3.x plugins in the gem list. But the command-line bundle exec and bundle install etc work fine with 2.3.

Doesn't the preview release of rails plugin on Netbeans 7.1 work with rails 2.3 apps anymore?
Posted by unicman on Feb 09, 2012

One of the sexiest plugins

I had to admit that Ruby and Rails for netbeans is one of the sexiest plugins for Rails. If not for the discontinuation of official Rails support for Netbeans from version 7, RubyMine and other paid IDEs for rails would have become extinct by now.
Posted by jbragadeesh on Feb 01, 2012

Profiler when starting mongrel

Why when I start mongrel on netbeans 7.1, the Profiler starts and the memory usage goes over the roof?
Posted by theyaa on Jan 23, 2012

Re: Nebeans memory

On my system I am seeing about 800Mb Real Memory being consumed and I have a lot open (things are snappy and quick for me). I will keep an eye out for any waste, but it might just be that netbeans allocates a large heap for better perf...if your machine does not have enough memory for that max heap then you start swapping and things slow way down. Possibly, reducing max heap could help if you are swapping a lot (memory getting saved to disk is much slower than more frequent GC'ing). I don't know how to reduce max heap off hand though...
Posted by enebo on Jan 18, 2012

Nebeans memory

Netbeans 7.1+Ruby on Rails plugin uses 900MB RAM + Ruby takes around 230MB. That is a total of more than 1GB RAM and it renders netbeans very slow. Is there a way to reduce this usage and improve netbean's performance?

Posted by theyaa on Jan 18, 2012

Re: Project right-click

Aha. I figured this out. I suspect this is because the Ruby platform you have associated with your Rails project does not exist. This is definitely a bug. Go to Tool menu and select Ruby Platforms and then click the Autodetect Platforms button. This should make it work again unless it does not autodetect the particular Ruby you were using with NB 7.0. There is an issue opened for this problem:
Posted by enebo on Jan 17, 2012

Project right-click

Thank you for the update, I have installed the plugin preview on netbeans 7.1 and imported my settings from 7.1 beta. Something I noticed, is that when I right-click on my project root, I do not get the context-menu.

Is that a bug or I missed something?
Posted by theyaa on Jan 17, 2012

Workaround to install preview build on NetBeans 7.1

I have a preview1 build which you can install on NetBeans 7.1. Please report any new issues which you run into in Details can be found here:
Posted by enebo on Jan 17, 2012

Release update

I was hoping to have things resolved last week but a issue popped up which will prevent getting uploaded to 7.1 catalog. By tomorrow (my time) I will provide a url for test 'test' nbms's for community-ruby for people to try out (these will for sure load in 7.1 and at least basic Ruby editing appears to be fine). Here is an issue to watch for progress on official release:
Posted by enebo on Jan 16, 2012

Next Release

Anyone has a timeline on when the next release for this plugin, that will support netbeans 7.1, will be please?
Posted by theyaa on Jan 16, 2012

Vote for this plugin - Please

Everybody please take your time to vote for this plugin!


I think Netbeans is still the best ruby IDE. I have been testing rubymine every other month for a year now, but in terms of speed, stability and usability it is not an option.

If we get more votes on this, existing devs see that their work is appreciated and more developers might take a look on improving this plugin.
Posted by killerg on Jan 15, 2012

Creation of new project - fails

The old problem for Windows XP OS detected by me still in Netbeans 7.0 exists. When creating a new Ruby or Rails project, the wizard stays frozen at 25% of progression. The only way to quit - is to kill the application via Task Manager pane. After restarting Netbeans, the project that failed before can be opened without problems.
Posted by javix on Jan 13, 2012

Creation of new project - fails

The old problem for Windows XP OS detected by me still in Netbeans 7.0 exists. When creating a new Ruby or Rails project, the wizzard stays frozen at 25% of progression. The onky way to quit - is to kill the application via TAsk Manager pane. After restarting Netbeans, the project that failed before can be opened without problems.
Posted by javix on Jan 13, 2012

Ruby and Rails with Git

In my case I need to use Git + Ruby and Rails plugin. Git does not work properly with 7.0.1 and that is why I had to go with 7.1 Beta. It is working fine, but tooooo slow and that is in part becuase of the GC in netbeans. This is why I am impatiently waiting for the updated version of this plugin so I can use it with 7.1.

Posted by theyaa on Jan 12, 2012

Installation question

How to install the plugin after downloading the zip file, please? In the previous 7.0.1 version the plugin was in the plugins list, it is no more the case in Netbeans 7.1 version. Any idea how to try it?
I unzipped the archive and tried to install all the included *.nbm files separately, one by one. The problem is with RHTML plugin:

The plugin HTML Editor Library is requested in version >= 1.21 (release version 1) but only 2.0.1 (of release version different from 1) was found.
There are still 5 plugins (of 25 available in the zip) uninstalled because of that. More of that, even those which were installed without any errors are not displayed in the installed plugins tab.
Posted by javix on Jan 12, 2012

RE: Recommended Netbeans Version

@theyaa i am using the 7.0.1 as a base version. And since i am having som php projects too i choose the php suite. But this does not really matter as you need to install the plugin anyway. So you can also take the java or c version.
Posted by killerg on Jan 12, 2012

Recommended Netbeans Version

When downloading Netbeans, several versions are presented. Before, there was a specific version for Ruby, but now we need to choose a different version to run the ruby and rails plugin with it. Which version of Netbeans is the recommended to download to work with Ruby on Rails plugin?

Posted by theyaa on Jan 12, 2012

RE: Netbeans 7.1 Beta

@enebo this is a good news, i am very excited...
Posted by hron84 on Jan 12, 2012

RE: Netbeans 7.1 Beta

I am getting close to submitting a version which works well with Netbeans 7.1. I don't have any idea why it would be so slow in 7.1 beta unfortunately.
Posted by enebo on Jan 10, 2012

Netbeans 7.1 Beta

I have ruby and rails plugin running on Netbeans 7.1 Beta but, it is very slow and takes several seconds to respond to user strokes. Is there any anyways to improve the performance of netbeans with this plugin, since the plugin does not work with 7.1 later versions yet?

Posted by theyaa on Jan 10, 2012

NB 7.1 support

I will give it my best to eliminate the HTML editor problems not allowing NB 7.1 to load Ruby support very soon. Sorry it has not happened already.
Posted by enebo on Jan 06, 2012

Netbeans 7.1 is not supported

Why isn't 7.1 supported yet? This is very frustrating.
Posted by japanick on Jan 06, 2012

Netbeans 7.1

Anyone has an update on using this plugin with netbeans 7.1 please? When I install 7.1 I can not install this plugin, it gives me several errors.
Posted by theyaa on Jan 05, 2012

Great keep us posted!

Great keep us posted!
Posted by patkoscsaba on Nov 28, 2011


There is some work underway to update nbruby to use 7.{01} APIs instead of relying on deprecated 6.9 APIs. It will also update Ruby parser for better 1.9 support. Ran into some issues during the upgrade which needs to get worked out.
Posted by enebo on Nov 28, 2011

Any update for NetBeans 7.1?

Are there any plans or available development versions which are working with NetBeans 7.1 nightly?
Posted by patkoscsaba on Nov 28, 2011

uninitialized constant Rake::DSL error when creating a project

That's what i get when trying to create both ruby and rails projects. tried reinstalling both ruby interpreter and netbeans but it didn't help. (Windows 7, Netbeans 7.0.0, Ruby 1.9.2)
Posted by thyforhtian on Jul 13, 2011


I'm just happy to see this into community hands this fast! I just hoped they did the same with UML plugin... Hopefully the code is in better shape that UML is.

Keep up the good work!
Posted by javydreamercsw on May 11, 2011

Re: HTML 5


That is likely true. I am not yet familiar with how basic HTML support ties into Erb editing (it might just work with newer HTML module), but anything tangential to specific Ruby modules will just work. For NB 7, I mostly upgraded to keep up on top of the new Java features and basic IDE enhancements (I use both Ruby and Java daily).
Posted by enebo on May 07, 2011


Am I right in saying that the reason I would use this plug-in and NB 7 in lieu of the NB 6.9.1 with the old RoR module that used to be provided by the NB teams is so that I can take advantage of new features in NB that are relevant to RoR developers - e.g. HTML5 parsing?
Posted by charlesdeb on May 05, 2011

Re: Ruby And Rails Installation info request


This will work on NB release 6.9 or 7.0 (there is a version field above that specifies this).

It ships with an older version of JRuby (next version of this plugin will update to current version of JRuby), but you will need to install Ruby outside of Netbeans if you don't want to use that JRuby version and then you can add additional ruby runtimes that nb knows about in preferences (this is similiar to how nb handles versions of Java if you have ever changed that).
Posted by enebo on May 02, 2011

Ruby And Rails Installation info request

How can Ruby And Rails be installed and does
this plugin run on Netbeans release 7.0?
Posted by dant on May 02, 2011