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QBazaar plugin for netbeans

Plugin owner: juanfeh
Website: http://www.proactivework.com/projects/netbeans/org-proactivework-qbazaar.nbm.zip
Added: 2011-02-04
License: LGPL
Category: Version Control Systems
Downloaded: 2,257 times
 3.96, by 2 users

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What's new in this version

minor bug fixes, if you can't download the plugin you cant get it from http://www.proactivework.com/projects/netbeans/org-proactivework-qbazaar.nbm.zip

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Plugin is not subject to any verification


QBazaar plugin for netbeans, require bazaar and qbazaar plugin installed after install you have to setup bzr command path at bzr command settings option. Url http://www.proactivework.com/projects/netbeans/org-proactivework-qbazaar.nbm.zip Juan Fernando Estrada

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User Comments


How to make it work

Couldn't figure out how to make it work at first, until I tried to putting not just the path but the actual absolute path. That is not just /usr/bin but /usr/bin/bzr
Posted by Siggib on Dec 11, 2012

Link error


Your link doesn't work (http://www.proactivework.com/projects/netbeans/org-proactivework-qbazaar.nbm.zip)

Have you another link ?

Posted by tgilbert on Mar 22, 2011